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On my birthday, turning 21, I was in a head on collision on a single lane highway. I suffered many broken bones, including both my legs, feet and pelvis (my whole left arm was demolished<< the doctors medical term for real! saw it in my chart). Due to this I was bed ridden for 3 1/2 months, and then finally released from hospital after 4. I had 5 surgeries in my first year after the accident, and there are still more in my future. 

One of the hardest parts of this story is telling you of my little guardian angel Anakin who saved my life. Anakin was a 3 lb chihuahua that went and did everything with me. He was my baby. He was in my lap that day, and as the fire fighter told me, Anakin took the impact of the air bag which saved me from more damage, and even saved my life. It took me 8 days to figure out he was gone, while I was in ICU I could not accept that my little TinTin(nickname) did not exist any more. Through all of this he is the one thing I miss the most and will always miss. RIP Anakin.

Moving on from the sad stuff, lets get to the crazy Shay stuff. You'd think being in a car accident as bad as I, you'd be angry over it. No..not me. Yes I was upset, any sane person would be. I had a lot of emotions going through my body at that time, but the one thing that really erked me was ShadowFever was coming out that Tuesday so how in the hell was I gonna read it if I couldn't leave the hospital. Literately guys this is what I was thinking in ICU. Call me book crazy right!!

For you who dont know, I am a giant  Karen Marie Moning fan, and when I finished Dreamfever (#4) I was an angry mess because I had to wait over a year to read #5. And just so you know, Dreamfever has the worst(best) cliffhanger you could ever possibly read in a book and I was left with that. In the hospital, angry that book 5 was coming out, and even though I had already waited over a year for it I was frustrated that I had to wait even longer....haha hold up I forgot to mention I have the worlds BEST friend! He flew into town to visit of course, and he already knew that this book was coming out, I only always talked about it. He went out and purchase it, along with a book stand, since I only had one arm to use while reading as the other was in a cast. THANKS MICHAEL!!... So I got my book while still in ICU even though it did take a couple days to get to it because I was just in no condition to read but I was still able to hold and touch it (yes  im that crazy that the feel of books soothes me.)

My long stay in hospital gave me an abundant amount of time to read. Shocking I know right. I went through so many books that its even hard to remember which ones I read. I do remember my total fangirling moment when Michael brought in Lover Unleashed By J R Ward. That was a late night for sure since I could not put the freaking thing down. I also got a Vets books, a vet recounting his days in practice, from my boyfriends uncle which I cherish to this day still.

After this experience I have grown even more passionate over life, and my books. So I started this blog to write down my passion. I may not be the best writer, and I for sure do not have the best blog, but my passion for life is there which is my meaning. I started working at a book store since the accident because reading has always and will always be my go to. It had helped me through some really tough times and its also there for me when im having the best day ever. Books can never steer you wrong, even the bad ones, because those will eventually lead you to a good book. I try to ignite other peoples passions through books, and in life, because at the end of the day that's all we have. One more day down, only an infinite amount left to go. Like a book, the chapters do eventually end, so enjoy every page to its last letter... :)

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Extended note: Id like to thank all the authors that has created and fuelled my passion for reading, without you guys I would not be able to be the fun crazy book fanatic that you allow me to be!! Thank you for sharing your stories and allowing me to sell them (Im pretty good at it :) Jennifer knows =)!!

There's many more that belong on this list, so Thank You!
You dream job makes my dreams possible :)


Standing Strong


5th Surgery exactly 1 year after accident (my Birthday)


  1. You, hun, are amazing. I am so glad you can talk about it and I love that you were crazy over Karen's books in the hospital. That part made me laugh. I love my dogs more than life itself, too. I can only imagine how heartbroken you were after finding out his passing. Also.. Do I detect a star wars fan? lol

    1. Thanks so much! Losing him is the hardest part out of all of it but it gets better with time... And yes.. I do enjoy my star wars! =)