∞ Trust Me ∞ By Romily Bernard

Trust Me
By: Romily Bernard

** Cover and Synopsis to come. This review is based on ARC copy **

* ARC received by Author in exchange for an honest review**

OH MY GOSH!!!!! This series just gets better and better. It was sooo freaking good! I can't believe how fast pace it was. It was like a roller-coaster. The mystery behind Looking Glass! Awesome! I couldn't decide if they were good or not, kept me guessing... I loved Wicks internal debate on if she was a good or bad person. She really beat herself up this time. As soon as she got out of looking Glass it was like balls to the walls amazing! Everything just went nuts and then boom! Big explosive ending!

Find Me(#1)and Remember Me(#2)were two amazing books but I have to say this has been my favorite in the series. As we delve back into the world of Wick, we get to see more of her hacker side. We have moved away from the murder investigation plot and into a world of cover ups, criminals, manipulators, and business conspiracies. It's an action packed eye opener that really makes you see everyone in a new light, including Wick. We really see her vulnerable side as she questions all the decisions she has made. Did she do right by her family? Did she do right by Griff or Milo? Did she do right by herself? And exactly what role does her father play? There are so many twist and turns but then it slows down with little sweet moments. I couldn't put the book down!

"How do you find your way when you can't see through the shadows"

The sweet and wonderful Griff some how just got more amazing. The little glimpses that we get with him were a delight. I love him so much! He cares so much about Wick and he is the only one that truly gets her. He's her rock. He's her guiding light in the shadows. I couldn't be more happier with the way  their story ends. (Maybe if we had a little more sexy time LOL) 
"I know all of my broken places now. It used to be something I was ashamed of,  but now it shows me what I want"
The ending! OH MY GOSH THE ENDING! As I was reading I couldn't help but keep track of my pages. It was thrilling right up till the final page where it ended with a bang. LITERALLY! I was blown away. But I was also so happy. All I could do was grin because it fits so perfectly. Romily really blew me away with Trust Me. Make sure you don't miss out on it!!

**Side note: The title, Trust Me, is so perfect! It  completely sums up every relationship, every moment and every choice in this book. It's just AWESOME!