Scoring Wilder Review

Scoring Wilder
By: R.S. Grey

What started out as a joke— seduce Coach Wilder—soon became a goal she had to score. 

With Olympic tryouts on the horizon, the last thing nineteen-year-old Kinsley Bryant needs to add to her plate is Liam Wilder. He's a professional soccer player, America's favorite bad-boy, and has all the qualities of a skilled panty-dropper.

• A face that makes girls weep – check. 
• Abs that can shred Parmesan cheese (the expensive kind) – check. 
• Enough confidence to shift the earth’s gravitational pull – double check.

Not to mention Liam is strictly off limits . Forbidden. Her coaches have made that perfectly clear. (i.e. “Score with Coach Wilder anywhere other than the field and you’ll be cut from the team faster than you can count his tattoos.”) But that just makes him all the more enticing…Besides, Kinsley's already counted the visible ones, and she is not one to leave a project unfinished.

Kinsley tries to play the game her way as they navigate through forbidden territory, but Liam is determined to teach her a whole new definition for the term “team bonding.” 

Well I would really like to say that this book is fantastic but unfortunately I can't. After the first chapter I was really blown away with the humor and the story line. I really liked where it was heading but the farther I read, my interest slowly dwindled. By the end I was forcing myself through just so I could get the end.

The whole story around Kinlsey and her forbidden relationship with Liam Wilder should have been a hit but it just lacked I found. I personally just didn't connect with Kinsley at all. I really wanted to like her more but I just didn't. The worst thing is, is that I can't pin point specific things that I didn't like. I just didn't connect with her. I didn't believe her. Lets just say the book didn't pull me in emotionally.  Urrgg!! I really wanted to like it! I tried hard, Scoring Wilder just didn't do anything for me. 

The saving grace in this novel is the relationship between Kinsley and her best friend Becca. They were so freaking hilarious!!! I did enjoy whenever they were together. They became fast friends and really were a delight. Some of the things they said and did together had me laughing out loud. Literally. It was the one thing that got me to the end of the novel cause I wanted to make sure they they were going to be okay.

That being said I could only give this book a two paw rating. The beginning really hooked me and it was looking like it was going to be good but closer to the middle and the end, everything just seemed to wrap up too perfectly. It was like there were a lot of situations and feelings that the author wanted the reader to read, but it ended up just leaving the story long and drawn out. I may be over analyzing it and most people could very much enjoy the book. I just didn't. =(

Perfect Kind of Trouble Review

Perfect Kind of Trouble
By: Chelsea Fine

Sometimes when perfect falls apart, a little trouble fixes everything . . . 

Twenty-one-year-old Kayla Turner has lost everything. After spending most of her life taking care of her ailing mother, she just wants to spot a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. So when her late father-a man she barely knew-leaves her an inheritance, she finally breathes a sigh of relief . . . until she learns the inheritance comes with strings. Strings in the form of handsome playboy Daren Ackwood, her father's protégé. To see any of her inheritance, she's forced to team up with him. From his expensive car to those sexy dimples, Kayla's seen his type before. But Daren isn't who he seems to be . . .

Struggling to make amends for his family's mistakes, Daren has a life more Oliver Twist than Richie Rich these days. He's beyond grateful that James Turner included him in his will, but working with Turner's princess of a daughter to fulfill his cryptic last wish is making Daren wonder if being broke is really so bad. Still, she's just as beautiful as she is stubborn, and the more time he spends with Kayla, the less it feels right being without her. Soon Daren and Kayla begin to wonder if maybe the best gift Kayla's dad could have left them . . . was each other

How does she do it? How does Chelsea write such amazing books with lovable characters that leaves you breathless. If you have not read a book by her yet, please don't cheat yourself. Go right now!! Buy one cause you will not be disappointed. Every single book that I have had the pleasure of reading has been down right amazing! Truly an amazing author!! Now onto the review of the book!

Perfect Kind of Trouble was a total adventure. When faced with being handcuffed together to try and find some money that would be inherited, Kayla and Daren are thrown through the ringer. Both are emotionally closed off, although that they give off the persona that they are totally fine. This is what I love so much about them. They are so much the same that it makes their characters clash and its AWESOME!!!

The whole plot of the story was such an adventure! We get to go on a scavenger hunt. Like I said, awesome! There were clues along the way that they had to unravel and for us, the readers, we really had no idea where they could take you. I loved Daren's Eureka's and Kayla's annoyance to them. 

Even though Daren had some trouble in his past, I feel like Kayla's transformation and growth through out the novel was so well done, I really enjoyed it. She know's she's beautiful, but she believes that it's her downfall. I personally don't know the feeling's she has and one would think that being beautiful couldn't have any hardships but this is where Chelsea's writing really over whelms. Chelsea has found a way to make you really connect with her. Even though it should feel shallow, there is none of that feeling at all through out the whole book. You can't help but love Kayla and everything that she goes through. You want to shelter her from the hurt and make everything better for her. After losing both her parents, there so many things that are unclear that she has to learn. While she is hurting she is also just so sweet. I love her to pieces. And I love Daren's unexpected realization that he loves her.

"It just hit me. A lightning bolt in the middle of this dining room. A warm sensation rolls over me, overwhelming me with deep affection as I sate at Kayla across the room. Oh My God."

One really nice treat with this novel is all the different characters that we get to meet. In the first book it's mainly focused on everyone that works at Willow Inn. However, in this one, we get to meet a lot of town folks. Some were awesome. Others were cruel. But overall, it was a pleasure to see the different faces of a town that you can't help fall in love with. It reminds me of mystic falls, just minus the paranormal factors. =)

Overall I really think this book is so well done and so much fun! There's a lot of banter and a lot of sweetness but deep down it's a novel that will leave you craving for more. Can't wait to get my hands on the next one! Jenna and Jack's story is going to be a hoot, I can already tell! =)


The Falconer Review

The Falconer
By: Elizabeth May

Heiress. Debutant. Murderer. A new generation of heroines has arrived.

Edinburgh, Scotland, 1844

Lady Aileana Kameron, the only daughter of the Marquess of Douglas, was destined for a life carefully planned around Edinburgh’s social events – right up until a faery killed her mother.

Now it’s the 1844 winter season and Aileana slaughters faeries in secret, in between the endless round of parties, tea and balls. Armed with modified percussion pistols and explosives, she sheds her aristocratic facade every night to go hunting. She’s determined to track down the faery who murdered her mother, and to destroy any who prey on humans in the city’s many dark alleyways.

But the balance between high society and her private war is a delicate one, and as the fae infiltrate the ballroom and Aileana’s father returns home, she has decisions to make. How much is she willing to lose – and just how far will Aileana go for revenge?

Wow!! This book was filled with lots of action, unique weapons and explosions. It pulls you in from the very first page, leaving you reading till the middle of the night. I have never read a steampunk book before, and I loved it! Specially that it was set up Scotland. 

The relationships were so well done, even for the sort of love triangle that was created. Kiaran and Aileana worked together so smoothly and efficiently that every scene with them was mesmerizing. They would banter back and forth and the fighting was so fun and entertaining. Then along comes Gavin who is so swoonworthy! Its kind of hard to choose between the two! Even though to Aileana there is no real choice, as she knows the feelings for one out weighs the other. But it's so nice to see the easy relationship between Gavin and herself. It's different from her and Kiarans, as they have a much better understanding with each other. Urrgg!!! For those who know me, know that the relationship aspect of books is what I love the most.. and this book...well it gets my appraisal. =)

The thing that I loved most about The Falconer was that it reminded me a lot of the Fever series. For anyone that has read KMM fever series, knows that the craving to read something that is as good as her books is so strong that we've been searching and searching for the very next thing that is good. Well we just might have found it. Now I am not saying that it is like the fever series in the sense of the alpha man that we all love so much. Its just that the book is filled with all the different fae we love, the fighting and killing of all the bad guys, along with there is talk about Seelie and Unseelie. The Falconer is the closet thing that can match the fever series, for story. Not the steamyness. The men in this book may not be Barrons and Ryodan (mmhmmm oh my!) but Kiaran and Gavin are totally just as swoonworthy, for a young adult book. I loved every minute of it and recommend it to the fever series fans! If anything, its a good book to read to tie you over until Burned finally gets released (dying here).

Over all, an amazing book filled with so much action, just enough romance, and well developed characters with an ending that seriously left me with my jaw hanging open. I CANNOT WAIT to get my hands on the next book!! I will for sure be counting down to it! SOOOO GOOD!!!!

**Also. The author.. is the girl from the cover of The Demon Trappers series.. which is a series that I devoured in a few short days!! She's also very Beautiful.. Have you seen her hair??

Bender Review

By: Stacy Borel

All Keegan wanted was a roommate who was quiet, minded their own business, and paid for part of the rent. Instead, she got Camden Brooks. 

Camden, with his sinful body, sharp tongue, and the inability to stay out of Keegan’s personal space, couldn’t seem to curb his interest in the new girl who wouldn’t put up with his domineering ways. 

Feelings were running rampant, sexual tension was thick, and both were struggling to let go of control. 

To some people, getting a roommate simply meant living with another person. But to both Camden and Keegan it was a curveball that neither was prepared to swing at. 
**Strong sexual content** 

Well what a wonderful read! First off.. Have you seen that cover??? Mhmmm let me just wipe up my drool.. so FREAKING YUMMY!!! Alright moving on.

I purchased this book completely for the cover which I know I am not the only one. However, it was the description of the book that got it to the top of my to-be-read list. I was in the mood for a knockout guy to sweep me of my feet and drag me under the covers with him (in my book world at least). Well guys, this book does that and sooo much more!!! 

After she's been the grown up for way too long, Keegan decides the best thing for her self and her future would to move out from under her mother. She ends up moving in with Camden, and wouldn't you know it, he doesn't even want her there... Shocking!! Okay I know it sounds cheesy but this novel was so darn good. Camden was so dark and brooding and just a complete pain in the ass. But he was so worth every minute. He was controlling but not smothering. He was stern but could still have a good laugh and tease her. 

I loved how much Keegan gave it right back to him. There was no cowering or hiding behind her problems. She faces everything head on and everyone else must deal with it. The two of them together just gives you the warm fuzzy feeling cause you can see their relationship is deep and long lasting. There were a couple times where they were dealt with a couple curve balls, but man does Keegan hit those right out of the park.

This book is filled with some baseball references along with a little ploy to the health benefits of going to the gym. It was a really nice touch. All of the secondary characters were fun and so easy to love. They make you excited to see whats going to happen in the following books.

Bender also made me laugh and giggle but it also caused me to fan myself on multiple occasions. Remember how I said that Camden is controlling.. Well he's controlling in every aspect of his life and holy hot damn did it make their sex life crazy.. the gym scene.. Holy!! I couldn't even imagine that.. I loved how respectful Camdem was regarding everything and that pushing her to her limit wasn't his goal. It was complete and 100% pleasure...Ahh SOO DARN GOOD.. 

I highly recommend picking this book up not only because it was awesome but also because there are three more brothers that are just as attractive as Camdem.. Can't wait for each and every one of those to come out.. MHMMM!!! =) 


Origin Review

By: Jennifer Armentrout

Daemon will do anything to get Katy back.

After the successful but disastrous raid on Mount Weather, he’s facing the impossible. Katy is gone. Taken. Everything becomes about finding her. Taking out anyone who stands in his way? Done. Burning down the whole world to save her? Gladly. Exposing his alien race to the world? With pleasure.

All Katy can do is survive.

Surrounded by enemies, the only way she can come out of this is to adapt. After all, there are sides of Daedalus that don’t seem entirely crazy, but the group’s goals are frightening and the truths they speak even more disturbing. Who are the real bad guys? Daedalus? Mankind? Or the Luxen?

Together, they can face anything. 

But the most dangerous foe has been there all along, and when the truths are exposed and the lies come crumbling down, which side will Daemon and Katy be standing on? 
And will they even be together?

So I'm pretty sure that I don't really have to convince anyone to read this series, because I'm sure most people have only heard amazing and wonderful things. So I'm going to leave out some of the details and JUST GUSH!!!

OMG I freaking loved it!! Its probably my favorite to Obsidian. Katy was major kick ass in this book. Blake can go to hell!! Daemon is hot and sexy and everything we know Daemon can be. But there was just so much more!!

After being captured Katy has to fight for her life alone without any knowledge of what Daemon could be doing on the outside. Daemon is going bat shit crazy over Katy and is willing to do anything to get her back..Hence what happens. =)

When they finally find their way back together I just about cried. It was beautiful and it was heart wrenching and it was down right mean! WHY CANT DAEMON BE REAL!! Dammit Jennifer!! He's the prefect specimen of a man (if he was a real man haha) and does right by Katy every step of the way. He's still rude and crude but could we have Daemon any other way. AND Katy... I swear she will be the death of him. Always to stand her ground and not take shit from any one, Katy finds a ways to deal with situation without be a totally cry baby. I love that about her.

I'm sure I don't have to tell you guys that you should be reading this series. Not only is it one of the best teen series out there, it is one of my favorites off time. Stop what you're doing right  now and head to the book store, or even your app store and buy this whole series! Its so fantastic!!!!!! 

Girl On Tour Blog Tour

Girl on Tour, the highly anticipated sequel to Girl with Guitar, is  AVAILABLE NOW!

at the following retailers:


An up and comer trying to make a name for herself...

KYLIE never expected to be stuck on a tour bus with a pampered princess and her boyfriend’s ex.

A troubled artist struggling to hold onto his career...

TRACE thought he was finally getting to do things his way. Until the label added co-headliner Gretchen Gibson, the only person in country music with more issues than him, to his No Apologies tour.

Surrounded by tabloid rumors and people they can't trust, Kylie and Trace need each other more than ever. But the choices they make will change everything.

Because chasing your dreams and following your heart don’t always lead you to the same place…


He pulled out her chair and she sat, watching his every move as he made his way to his own seat. “I hope this is okay. This is the most private table they have.”
“It’s perfect.” She tried to breathe normally and ignore the strange feeling in her stomach. Trace grinned, revealing the boyish dimples that framed his perfect mouth.
“They have the best steak here. Seriously. You better order one for yourself because you’re not getting any of mine.”
At that, she laughed and her nerves eased up a bit. “Oh, I bet you’d give me a bite if I asked nicely.”
He eyed her from over the top of his menu. “Do you ask for things nicely? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you do that before.”
With her stomach clenching from the heat in his stare, Kylie put her menu aside. “Maybe you’ve never had anything I wanted badly enough to ask nicely for.” He raised a brow and opened his mouth to respond. But at that same moment, a waitress appeared and asked for their drink order. Kylie didn’t miss how flustered the girl became when she got an eyeful of Trace. It would’ve been irritating, but really, with the way he looked tonight, Kylie couldn’t blame her. She was still trying to get a handle on her own self.
When the waitress left, Trace leaned across the table. “Actually, I take that back. I’ve heard you ask nicely a time or two. Matter of fact, it bordered on begging. I think it went something like, ‘Oh God, yes, please. Trace, please.’”
Heat crawled over her skin at his imitation of her. Barely keeping the grin of embarrassment from her face, she shook her head. “You’re not right. What kind of thing is that to say to a girl on a first date?” He grinned back, the promise of something dark gleaming in his eyes.
“Considering this date is going to end with that dress on my bedroom floor and your legs wrapped around my neck, I think it’s a perfectly acceptable thing to say.” Good Lord. What was she going to do with this man? Oh yeah. Exactly what he’d just described.


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About the Author

Caisey Quinn lives in Birmingham, Alabama with her husband, daughter, and other assorted animals. She is the author of several New Adult Romance novels featuring country girls finding love in unexpected places. She is currently working on Girl in Love, the third and final book in the Kylie Ryans series. You can find her online at 

You can also find her on: Twitter | Facebook | GoodReads

Hardcover Therapy

BLOG TOUR: Wish Me Tomorrow by Karen Rock

Be prepared to fall in love with this book! Its a wonderful story about a man and a women who refuse to give into their wants for the shear reasoning of not wanting to hurt the other. Winding their way into each others heart could be an obstacle but kids and life are nothing compared to the threat of cancer.
Eli has been in remission from Cancer, his wife has left him and he has two kids that he has to raise on his own. He battles with the fact that his kids will grow old and celebrate life's milestones without him. Trying to put his kids first, he try's to not fall for the happy superstitious woman who is worming his way into his heart.
Christie works as a nurse and a grief councilor which causes its tolls some days but when stunning Eli sits in on a group session to please an old friend her heart cant help but take a hold and not let go. But letting go has been a problem before for her
These two characters we amazing right from the beginning. You will fall in love with Eli instantly for the fact that he can acknowledge his attraction for Christie but for the sake of his kids he puts his needs aside. I love that about him. He wasn't selfish even though sometimes some of his decisions makes you want to smack him up side the head. He's head strong and stubborn but has a good heart. And then there's Christie who has a keen sense of what Eli and his family needs and she sets out to just help the family. Low and behold though that she cant stay away. From the little chats in group session to jogging in the early morning, Eli and his family start to depend on the easy going loving women. Together these two make such a beautiful couple and the whole of them are one stunning family. Filled with teenage drama, young kids imagination, and a couples blossoming romance, this book will make you smile.
There are both loving and scary moments in Wish Me Tomorrow that will make you look at the ones you love and cherish what time you have. Even though there is death there is also life. Watching a young women change and develop into something her father could be proud of and share the same passions as he. Giving a father the hope and will to fight for his life not just for his kids but for the courage to show everyone that he could do this.
I adore this book and I hope everyone will give it a chance and pick it up. Its a loving, contemporary book with real characters and real life situations that causes one to rethink what it is to love. Also I read this book so fast I didn't even remember to grab quotes from the book. LOL! Yeah I read it that fast and was so into the book that I just read straight through. You gotta believe me... ITS AMAZING!

Since Karen Rock’s grandmother passed her shopping bagfuls of Harlequin Presents as a teen, it’s been her dream to add her voice to the Romance genre. Now an author of Harlequin’s latest contemporary line, Heartwarming, Karen is thrilled to pen wholesome, tender, deeply romantic stories that all can relate to. Her first novel, WISH ME TOMORROW, is out in September 2013 and her next, HIS HOMETOWN GIRL, is out in spring 2013. Additionally, Karen is a young adult contemporary romance co-author with fellow Harlequin author, Joanne Rock for the CAMP BOYFRIEND series that debuted July 2013 with Spencer Hill Press.When she’s not busy writing, Karen enjoys watching anything starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, cooking her Nona’s family Italian recipes, and occasionally rescuing local wildlife from neighborhood cats. She lives in the Adirondack Mountain region with her husband, her very appreciated beta-reader daughter and two King Charles Cavalier cocker spaniels who have yet to understand the concept of “fetch,” though they’ve managed to teach her the trick! Hmmmm…wonder how that happened?! She loves to connect with other romance fans! Please check out her website at, her Facebook page at, and follow her on Twitter or Goodreads at


Sophies Birthday Week BASH + GIVEAWAY


First I'd like to say:

hehe =)

Second I must confess... Im a big believer that photos may speak louder then words. So in celebration of Sophie's big birthday bash I created a couple collages that,to me represent each Sunshine series novel. 


Well there you have it... I am SOOOO excited for Sun Damage!!! Whats going to happen??? 
Well like everyone else I guess we will just have to wait....
Hopefully not too long =)

If you Enjoy these photos..don't be scared to comment below \/ 

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