BLOG TOUR: Still Human by Kerry Heavens

If you would like to see what I thought of Being Human, first book in the series, you can find it HERE

When we last saw Liv and Danny they were headed to splitzville. Danny "cheated" according to Liv and Liv got cold feet according to Danny. Both were unwilling to throw their hearts out into the mix to find out what could be wrong. Instead both head their separate ways and that is where Still Human Begins.

Liv is absolutely heart broken over Danny which I could actually agree with. If I saw what she saw I would be doing the same thing. Trying to get over him but with their history, that is not possible. Unplugging herself from his world, she believes she is too weak to even speak with him because she's scared that she will get her heart trampled on. Which again I agree with. What I don't agree with is DUH!! Its Danny.. He's the most wonderful and thoughtful guy you could ever meet! He would never do anything to hurt her and I think she may have over reacted just a tad. I did love how her controlling nature was muted. When Liv is faced with the situation of having to depend on others she learns that its really not so bad to need others. Liv really grew into someone who is still naturally independent but learns to ask for help when she needs it. Walking around with crutches will do that to a person ;)

Oh Danny boy! I would like to say I don't know how Kerry was able to create such an amazing man but I can't. Its all written in his actions that prove what an outstanding and incredible loving character Kerry made him to be. He know's Liv to her core and he will not give up on her. Even when she is being stubborn and hard headed, he is the only one who can get through to her. I just love Danny so much! He's sexy, thoughtful, caring, fun, relaxed, hardworking, sincere and down right human. He has flaws that keep him away from Liv in the beginning but deep down he tries to be the best for her.  Over and over he puts himself out there to show how much he loves his girl, which caused some major swooning!!! Love Danny <3<3
"Like this tree, we stumbled and fell, but something so strong cannot be wiped out in one moment. You are always rooted here with me and together we are too strong to fade away."

This book is an amazing conclusion to the first book. It was loving and sweet and very faced past. I finished within a couple hours because I had to find out how their story was going to end. It was cute and really made me want to cry in some parts. They have a wonderful friend to couple relationship that shows that beginning as friends first an foremost creates a very strong bond that can weather any storm.

I recommend Still Human to anyone that loves a contemporary romance novel. Its sweet and loving that will leave a smile on your face for days after. It may not be filled with a lot of action but sometimes those kind of books are not needed. Just a loving relationship, laugh out loud friends and family to get you through the hard times. This book has all of it!

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