Wild Cards Review

Received ARC Copy through Net Galley for and honest review.

First, let me start off by saying I have only read one book from Simone Elkeles but it was a gooder!! Don't know why didn't I  continue reading her books but when I saw this one up on Net Galley and I read what the plot was, I was craving for it. I literally giggled like a school girl when I saw I got it.. Don't laugh ..I'm not joking.... Onto review now =)

I LOVED THIS BOOK!! Like I stayed up late reading it.. I loved the girl playing football! I loved the cocky bad boy! It just had everything that I loved in a book (minus it being teen...if you know what I mean*insert big grin here*)

Derek is a bad boy who got kicked out of some prestigious school for doing one to many pranks. Ashtyn is fighting to grow up and prove to everyone that she can succeed and be okay. When these two characters meet holy hell did I laugh. Just the most epic meet that will definitely stay with me for a very long time.

While both characters have a lot going on, and we do get to read from both POV, they both offer to the story. I don't always like it when it switches back and forth, but Simone did it perfectly with this book. When I wanted to read about Derek it was there, and just when I wanted it to switch, it did. Just perfect!

With Ashtyn we see the girl who is trying to fit into a guys world. Football is not easy when it comes to girls but I loved how she fit in with all the guys. Her boyfriend was a dick but he got what was coming to him. Her teammates made me laugh and gave her the guys perspective but she was still well rounded enough to have girlfriends too. Dealing with her sister returning with a stepson that is her age turns her world upside down and she deals with it the best she can, by being a complete and utter bitch to him.

Derek isn't what I would call a true bad boy. He's more of a guy who likes to live and have fun. So he likes to damage school property, its all for a laugh. Alright so he's not the most ideal guy but I tell  you he is totally swoon worthy. Just the things that he does for her, and to the extent he does them just makes me swoon for him =)

THE VERY BEST PART of this book is their freaking conversations. Simone has really outdone her self and has given us the very best bickering and fighting relationship ever. I loved every second they were together because they literally do not like each other and are mean to each other. Not in a cruel sense where their causing tears, but just fighting back and forth for the joy of doing it. This becomes their relationship and my oh my was it fun!

This book is a stay up all night kind of read because you just have to know what is going to happen to them all in the end. There was no clear picture on how things were going to end and you for sure never knew what one was going to say to the other. Just a very entertaining and fun read.

I recommend this book to anyone enjoys teen reads. It definitely one to add to your TBR shelf so get on it right now!!!!

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  1. Yay, loved it!! I totally agree that Derek wasn't the typical 'bad boy' with tatts and a bad attitude, he was just fun and kinda got into a bit of trouble sometimes lol. I also loved their flirty arguments, and it's exactly how teenagers act around someone they won't admit they like! <3 Derek *swoon*
    Loved your review Shay!

    Amy @ The Reading Realm