Hover Review

I received ARC copy from Net Galley for an honest review.

I got to start by saying that I'm blown away by this book. I don't exactly know what it is and I'm sorry to say that its not mind blowing good, even though it is good but its just addictive. There's something about it. I had a couple chances to pick up another book that I've been waiting for but for some reason it kept me reading. To me that says a lot about a book. If I get bored with something I will easily put it down but not this one. I had to find out what was going to happen.
"Do I think that you are brave enough to try to kill him? Absolutely. So I think you'll survive?" He signs. "No one ever has.""
Alright so the book starts off 3 weeks after Gravity with Ari on Loge and fighting to save her planet, Earth. Hover takes up deeper into the customs and obstacles that Ari has to face in order to save her planet. At least what's left of it. From the leader going crazy, Jackson hiding things from her, and not everyone is accepting of all the humans on their planets. Its a read that keeps you interested and invested into its characters.

I just love how easy it was to read this novel. There was plenty of action and mystery to amp up the book but also enough tender moments to satisfy my romantic side. I really fell in love with Jackson all over again and even more then before. Hover really showed a side of Jackson that we didn't get to see before, and what I saw I liked. He wasn't as put together as we thought and to see him struggle really portrayed him as more human then anything else.
"I want you. In every way. In any way I can get you. And if that means being your friend, then that's what I'll be."

Ari and Jacksons relationship really developed in this second book leaving me wondering what's going to happen in the next. I cant tell you what happens at the ending but lets just say I will be getting the next one. I GOT TO FIND OUT WHATS GOING TO HAPPEN! I love the ending of these books because it gives you enough to be satisfied but yet the cliffhanger makes you beg for the next book... I'm begging here.. Can I be the first to get #3!!! Begging here!!! ... =)

Overall it was a good follow-up novel with lots of mystery and just enough romance. I recommend it to any one who likes sci-fi teen reads and just want to get lost in a different world.


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