Delayed Penalty Review

I bought this book because it was just the right time to read it. It was during the final games of the Stanly Cup playoffs and when I came across this hockey book I knew that I had to read it right then and there. And I was not disappointed!
“Our presence in the world was actually very small. It was our presence in the lives of others that made the world what it was. Every word we said, every gesture we made, every detail connected you to that presence you made whether you knew it or not.”
The story follows Chicago hockey player Evan Mason who finds a girl beaten and battered in a ally late one night after a game, and because he's a good guy he brings her to the hospital. He starts to feel responsible for this girl that is in a coma and is there for her throughout what he thought was the worst thing that a person could go through.

I loved Evan. Even though he was a hockey player and he admitted to sleeping around and having the bunnies he was a good kid that was raised right. He had morals and a better understanding of the bigger picture. He loves with all his heart and will put his friends and family first before himself.

Ami was such a beautiful character that you could see her light up the room even though she is just a character in a book. She had a tough couple years but she looks at the brighter things in life that ends up helping Evan in the end.

The story line to this book flowed so well, I never wanted to put it down. I finished in a couple hours feeling like "Wow, that was good" I even had my little cousins shocked with my addiction to it. I'm secretly hoping that I showed them how reading can be fun and a good thing. Jury is still out on it though.

This is my first hockey book and I wasn't too sure how I was going to adapt to the description of the game at first. As your reading throughout there are times when you read from Evans point of view while he's playing the game. To tell you the truth is wasn't bad. Shey did a really good job incorporating hockey play into a lot of the book but it didn't over power it. If you are not a hockey fan, however, I'm not sure how much you will appreciate the terms and way that hockey players play.
"If you wanted rough, you got it rough with a hockey player. And then there was the endurance part"
The relationship in Delayed Penalty could come across as fake and over played for those who have not picked it up yet but I will tell you I felt this relationship grew to be one of my favorite's from recent books. They had such a sweet build up to what they become, going from hero to friends to this wonderful bond that requires both to give and receive. It was nice to see such a two way relationship in this book. She needed him, but he also needed her. Simply amazing self-finding story that I think most would appreciate and awe over.

Overall I really enjoyed this book right till the end. Recommending it to anyone who loves their hockey, you will not be disappointed. Pick it up and you will be addicted to it!

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