Blog Tour Review: Girl On Tour by Caisey Quinn

Picking up right where Girl With Guitar ends, Trace and Kylie each begin separate tours which tests their relationship and their strength to carry on. What we get in Girl on Tour is a heart throbbing adventure that will leave you speechless till the very end.

Gosh do I love Kylie. She's spunky and fun and I love how she's not afraid to speak her mind. She may be naïve and new to the industry but she does not take things lying down. I like that about her. When she sees something that isn't right she tries to fix it, which shows her daddy raised her right. When she see something she wants, she goes for it.
"Im from Oklahoma, honey. I can bless your heart and hate your guts all at the same time. But if you ever, and I mean ever, make another comment about Trace, his drinking or otherwise, then I promise, you won't be able to whistle fucking Dixie when I'm through with you"
Trace is still a hot country star goddess who is fighting to get back on top. While he may not make the best decisions in life he tries really hard to make the right ones. Sometimes you will want to smack him but then other times you have to agree with what he says and how he feels. I love how Trace's character not only has to fight to stay with Kylie but he still has his own demons in his closet. He feels like such a real character and he does what real people in those situations would do. I think. Its a tough time and has hard decisions to make but he's willing to make it work. Did I mention that his sexy as hell? =)
"He looked over at Kylie, who was wide-eyed and staring up at him. "At least an hour. No, shit, make it two." And with that, he picked his girlfriend up off her feet and carried her off stage"
One thing I really like about this series is how quick they are. Not in the sense that they instantly fall in love, nope that's not going to happen. I just really like that as soon as you delve into these books your hooked, and then all of a sudden your finished. Its got everything that I need to be a good book without a whole lot of filler. Its fantastic! I can count on spending time with something good when I pick up a Caisey Quinn novel.
Another thing that really rocks my boat with this novel is their relationship. Its steamy, its hot and its fun. Okay maybe its not fun all the time but with the long distance it makes their time together even more precious and yes a lot more steamy. There's showers, walls, doors, hay and everything in between that amps up everything and makes reading this book so enjoyable. They go through their rough patches like everyone does but reading from both POV's you can see that they care deeply for each other.
"I think I've left it with you because it's been missing since the last time I saw you"
I recommend it to anyone who likes young love, country music and lots of fan worthy love. If you haven't picked up this series already you better get on it, your missing out! If you have read #1 and are still on the fence of yay or nay with this one, I'm telling you its a Yay!!

Caisey Quinn lives in Birmingham, Alabama with her husband, daughter, and other assorted animals. She is the author of several New Adult Romance novels featuring country girls finding love in unexpected places. She is currently working on Girl in Love, the third and final book in the Kylie Ryans series.
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  1. Great Review! I need to read this, like now!

    1. It's Fantastic. Very fun and easy to read with lots of steamy romance!! Let me know what you think!!