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I was asked to review this book from the author herself so you can only imagine how EXCITED I was to receive this book. I may have jumped around my house and giggled like a little girl. Yes I AM in my twenties but I still feel like a little girl sometimes. Hehe.

This book could not have fallen into my lap at a more better time. Needing to get away from NA and all its glory, it's been a while since I've read a good old classic vampire novel. I will warn you though that this book may not be everyone. It leans on the more darker side of teen, filled with harsh situations and mutilation. Just be warned.

Written from a 18 year old POV that lives a life of just getting by, only to have just total shit to deal with day to day, I think Sophie actually does okay for herself. She's a very dark character who will grow on you and make you want to shelter her just to protect her from all the bad in the world.

When Myles comes into Sophie's life there's no sparks that fly. There's really nothing that happens between them and to tell you the truth I really like that. Most teen books are written where they almost instantly fall in love, or at least are attracted to each other, and that's not in this book. Sophie is so damaged that she doesn't even believe she deserves him as a friend, after everything they go through, trust is the one thing that Sophie does not give up easily. Myles has to fight tooth and nail just to even sit by her on the couch. While you may be thinking that this seems extreme, you got to read the book to understand why Sophie is the way she is. And gosh darnit I LOVE her for it!!
“...somewhere, rational Sophie is thinking that it’s not such a good idea to let my guard down so much, the not so rational one just wants to act normal, have fun, and punch the rational Sophie in the face.”
So this book also delves into a more paranormal world that is  part of the story but is not the whole story. While Myles may be different he doesn't like it, in fact he hates it. He tries to keep that side of him away from Sophie, DUH! She already has enough to deal with!! (You have to read the book to find out why she has enough to deal with!!)
"For a split second I think this is how I'm supposed to feel. Like a normal girl. But I snap myself out of that as fast as I can."
"I am not a normal girl. I don't deserve to feel this way. I know it can only end badly. And Myles is a nice guy. I don't want to screw him up too." 
While keeping the story more focused on Sophie, we get to see the struggle and the fight that she has to live with everyday just to keep going. Bringing Myles into the mix really turns Sophie around and she really does have a hard time accepting anything from him. While we all know Myles is the best for her, she herself doesn't know that. I was just so blown away with the magnitude of feeling this book gives you. Its not a stereotypical teen read, and it for sure doesn't smother you in paranormal stuff and make you feel like everything will turn out perfect. Which makes this book perfect.
"I can't stand him talking about himself like he's this horrible person when all he's ever been to me is....well, awesome. He's in no way, shape, or form a monster, and my mind refuses to wrap itself around the idea. I've seen enough monsters in my life to know when one is around, and he doesn't fit into that category."

While I very much enjoyed this book there is just one itsy bitsy thing that bugged me, not greatly cause I can understand why, but the fact that she's 18. I got more of a feeling that she is closer to 16. Just when your reading it, the relationship mostly, feels like a 16 year olds. By no means though does this hinder the book. Having to go through what Sophie goes through I can sort of understand why she is just soooo  much hesitant in doing anything or even feeling anything. So no hate, and I have a feeling this is going to change in the second novel.

Overall this book is so worth picking up!! While its a paranormal romance book, it is so much more than that. Filled with intense feelings and true friendships, Sunshine will leave you craving to read more. Like right now, all I want to do is pick up the second one just to continue on her journey. Go right ahead and grab this book while you can.. Its going to be an amazing series!!

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  1. Great Review!!! I adored both books 1 & 2 as well! I can't wait until Sun Damaged!! Love your blog! New GFC Follower :)

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