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Interview, Review and GIVEAWAY!
With Author Nikki Rae

Check out my INTERVIEW with Nikki Rae. 
See what her favourite candy is, her inspiration and read a SNEAK PEEK of the next book in the series.

~ What's your favorite junk food?(chocolate, sour candy, chips, popcorn??) any kind and any brand??
  •      Candy, candy, candy. Dipped in candy. Sprinkled in candy
~ If you could have one famous actor save you in a fire who would you choose?
  •  I wouldn't mind a little Alexander Skarsgard. Or...if we're trying to be practical, Emilia Clarke. She is mother of dragons, after all.
~ On a hot summer day what can we find you doing to cool off? or spend the day?
  • Haha. I don't go outside in the summer. I literally leave the house for work and food. I mostly read and write during the day, then do the fun summer activities at night.
~ If you can change your name to anything what would you change it too?
  • I always wanted to change my name to Casper. My friends have called me that since 8th grade. Casper Rae has a nice ring to it.
~ What if the first thing that you notice on another person? 
  • Eyes. I always notice someone's eyes first.
~ If you have tattoos what is your favorite one??
  • Though I have plans to get many (A portrait of Edgar Allan Poe, a raven, a bat, quotation marks, a semicolon, you get the idea), the one and only tattoo I have currently is, and will always be my favorite. It's an ampersand (&) on my arm, and my little sister did it for me. The mark has special meaning to both of us already, but having her as the one to mark it permanently on my body is a whole new level.
~ If there was a movie of your books and you could choose an actor/actress to play Sophie & Myles who would you choose?
  • It's so hard! For Myles, it's a toss up between Gaspard Ulliel (Hannibal Rising) and Ian Somerhalder (The Vampire Diaries). They're both older than Myles, but I don't think anyone would mind ; ). For Sophie, the closest I've come to her facial structure is Emily Browning (Sucker Punch).
Alright more serious questions :

~ What gave you the inspiration to write such a dark emotional novel?
  • Life. At the time I started writing Sunshine, I was 14 or15. I watched a lot of my friends go through some of the issues she has had to face, and I myself have struggled with self harm, anxiety, and depression. At first, having a character who went through all these things was a way to help me cope with not being able to help my friends or myself. Now, I hope some of my words can do the same for other people. : ) 

~ How much is music involved in writing your books? What is your playlist?
  • For The Sunshine Series, HUGE. I need songs because Sophie needs songs. There is no "official" playlist for Sunshine, but the lyrics at the beginning of each chapter should help you figure one out. The same can be said for Sun Poisoned, only I actually sat down and made one, which you can find here:
~ How did you come up with being allergic to the sun. Is it based on anyone?
  • Sophie was always allergic to the sun. It was one of the things that was just there. However, I believe she has this condition, from a writer's standpoint, because she has had to protect herself from so much already. This is just one more thing. But she almost welcomes this "problem"; her body knows how to protect itself before she does.
    As far as knowing anyone with this condition, I do. Although I didn't know she had this condition until after she read Sunshine and pointed it out. : )
~ What made you want to become an author? (corny and the most asked question but I am curious)
  • Going back to the dark issues topic, I wanted to be a writer because it helped me through so much. I always wrote when I felt anxious, upset, or if I couldn't talk. You learn a lot about yourself, your problems, and how to deal with them when you write. I could either share what I had learned with people or keep it to myself. I chose to share.
~ Have there been any obstacles that you have faced while writing either of your books?
  • The highly emotional scenes are obviously hard. The chapter with Jack and Sophie in Sunshine took me at least three weeks to get right. The "event" that happens with Stevie took another two weeks out of me. When I write stuff like that, even if it's something I haven't personally experienced, I put myself right there, with the character. It might sound weird, but feel so bad for them at times that I have to take a break. But it's good that I get emotional, I think. If I don't feel it, how can anyone else?
~ Do you know how to play the piano?
  • Nope. I've taken lessons, sure. But I get frustrated too easily. Sophie's piano expertize come solely from my idol, Amanda Palmer. : )
~ Can you give a little idea of what's going to happen in the next one?? (what an ending!! eeekk!)
  • I can tell you a few things:It gets INTENSE.Sophie and Myles go through...a lot, separately and together, to say the least. He tells her things that not even I was expecting.
    Some chapters are going to be in Myles' perspective for this reason...
    I want to say more, but I think I'll just TEASE YOU instead:
"Sophie’s skin is cold against mine, and she shifts her arms around my waist. My muscles are sore, but her touch soothes me. I can smell dried blood on her chest, mingling with her cherry blossom scented shampoo.
“You left,” she whispers into my neck. He breath is wet and warm.
I will my fingers into her hair. “I know,” I whisper back.
“You left,” she says again, pulling herself even closer to me.
“I’m here.” "


Sun Poisoned
Nikki Rae

Where to even start with Sun Poisoned. Maybe I should just begin with the fact that this one was even BETTER THEN THE FIRST!! Yes I liked Sunshine. It was a good book that was filled with a lot of intense emotions and wasn't something that you normally read. Sun Poisoned surpassed any expectations I had for the second book in the series!!

Sophie has finished high school and is jumping at the opportunity to move up in the world. So she packs up everything and moves to New York to begin her dream of playing music. Along with the whole gang, the story shifts to living in the big apple, playing at Midnight, and moving forward with everyone's relationships.

Her and Myles are slowly learning to trust each other, becoming more comfortable with the "sexual" part of their relationship. Their time together is sweet and at times it's sexy but overall is exactly how I would want their relationship to be. To me it really is the best part of this series. I LOVE how they are there for each other equally. There's no needing to be next to each other cause they can't keep their hands off each other. They are with each other because both needs the other to be able to move on with their lives. There's not enough to say about them that will convey how much I just adore their relationship. I just...hmm.. LOVE THEM!
"My skin gets hot, my hands intertwining in his hair as one of his comes to rest on my ribcage. His mouth leaves mine only to kiss my cheek, my throat, my collar-bone, then back to my neck, shooting hot waves of uneasiness, then contentment through me"
This second book delves into much deeper emotions and situations then the first. Sophie faces her own monsters, literally, and multiple times. I'm really proud of the way that she handles herself while facing them. She is such a strong character that can get through anything, including fighting the demons inside herself. There were a couple times that I had to lay the book down and collect myself because Nikki has a way of digging deep and getting these emotions to bubble up to the top. When the "event" happens, I nearly cried! Gosh my heart is breaking right now just thinking about it. Just be prepared to have your heart wrenched out of your chest.
"The point is," Manny continues. "When you love someone and they break a part of you, your soul has a tenancy to fill up the cracks they leave behind. No matter how many pieces are missing"
Myles is such a breath of fresh air. He is there for Sophie whenever she needs him, even when she doesn't even know it. While he has his own demons to fight, he will fight Sophie's with her. I just love that he will do anything for her, wither its just sitting on the couch watching TV, telling her no when she needs to hear it, and also putting up with her shit and getting her through things that no one else would help her with.

All the secondary characters in this book series are AMAZING! They are so easy to love and so easy to see why they are in Sophie's life. All of them have their own reason for truly looking out for her. When meeting new characters such as Ava and Evan, you see Sophie's ability to adapt. (Some cases are harder then others, which when you read you will understand cause I would have freaked out too!) She can make friends, maybe not trust them completely (after everything shes been through I couldn't imagine that any other way), but she is willing to move on with her life.

I will warn you though that this book is quite dark and it touches on a lot of deep emotions. Even the situations can get a little descriptive at times, but not in a bad way. You get the full picture and you really feel what Sophie feels. Its kind of terrifying in the sense that I would NEVER want to go through what Sophie has to go through and I was in my own terrible car accident. Just the pain and horror of the decisions she has to make...ugh! Just horrific... but wonderful!
'"It's your decision."Myles says, placing it on the edge of the tub. The metal is slightly beaten up now, but it's still capable of getting the job done. Myles steps out of the bathroom, shutting the door behind him and leaving me alone with my monsters.'
Well that's my thoughts. I really hope I haven't scared any one off and really hope I can convince even just a couple people to pick this series up and give it a try. It is just such a nice retreat from all the lovey dovey teen books, but yet its still fills the shoes of being a romance. Myles and Sophie's relationship will always be one of my favorites from now on just because of how they help each other out just because they care.  Truly and and deeply care for one another. A true romance that stems from something dark but grows into something so beautiful. Enjoy!

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