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Just Human
Kerry Heaven
"Who knows, Mum? But isn't it at least worth a try? I know it was a lifetime ago, but I loved him and I think he loved me"
Liv and Danny have a long past, and after years of being apart, a random message on Facebook leads them down a road that they least expect to travel.

I absolutely adored this book. I thought it was sweet, romantic and Danny is totally swoon worthy. It was a quick pick me up that left me thinking that there is that one person for you and if you try hard enough you will find him.
"She isn't a girl you could not notice; you can see even from a glance that she's really different. She's effortless."
Liv was freaking hot. Yeah that's right. I'm calling the girl lead hot. She has everything going for her (minus the boy aspect) from owning her own bar/restaurant and building it from the ground up. She's also covered in tattoos which is so bad ass and sweet that It makes me want to go finish my piece. Best of all though, she is European. I'm not sure why but I love it when books are set outside of America. It just gives me a little taste of what's out there and just fuels my crave to travel.

Danny.. Oh sweet Danny boy.. Just how sweet and romantic could he get. After getting the nerve to message Liv he is still terrified to get his heart broken but he still jumps head first. Or in this case flies head first. He is so romantic and sweet that its hard to compare him to another book character. He doesn't do anything but care for Liv and treat her with all the respect she deserves. There's a couple times where he stuck in a hard place but I think he makes all the right decisions and I really ended up routing for him.
“I’ve tried very hard since then, not to hold everything up against what we had, but it’s impossible. There has been something missing in my life ever since that day and last week, for the first time in twelve years, something changed. The missing piece came into view and I had to come see if I could put myself back together.”

Just Human is written in both Liv's and Dannys POV. It was a little strange at first, because you read a whole lot into Liv's life but then all of a sudden it switches to Dannys. I was surprised by it, but it didn't hurt. You really get a feel for what they both go through and how much they truly care for one another.

I have to say again just how sweet and adoring these two are. They were each others first love and all they are trying to do is find happiness. Danny does some amazing things that make you swoon and Liv shows us that you can be whoever you want to be and not be judged. Even though their relationship has their romantic side, wholey hell could it get HOTT!!! The sex in this novel was great, it changed and wasn't the same thing every single time, which I think is more true to a new relationship. Lets just leave it that their hook-ups were steamy and sexy and downright magical. (I know that's corny but phew I have to fan myself just thinking about it)

I recommend this book to anyone who loves their sweet romance story. Its a well written book with a change in scenery that I think will leave readers craving book #2. Like I am right now... HOW COULD IT JUST END LIKE THAT!!!  <3<3

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