Top Ten Tuesday

This is my first top ten. My friend told me about it so I'm pretty excited to be involved!!

So thanks to the PEPs over at The Broke and bookish ...

Here is my top ten favorite this moment :)

1) Obsidian - This book is an exciting, witty, page turner that will have you staying up late into the night. The characters are lovable and infuriating but you will fall in love with Daemon (I guarantee it).  It was the first teen alien book I have ever read and darn did it not disappoint. Trust me the fan bass for this book has grown so much since even when I first read it a year ago, it proves just how amazing this book is!!  I became a CER 100 twice with this book (Means I sold over 200 copies in 4 months)

2)  Dark Fever (fever series)  - Its an action packed series that will get you addicted so fast you will be craving to read all 5 books right after each other. Set in Dublin, Ireland, it follows the story of a everyday southern girl trying to find the murderer of her sister. After finding out that she can see Fae, and with the help (sometimes no help) Barrons, she faces a lot of obstacles and over comes them. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this series if you LOVE you paranormal fantasy romance. With well written characters and an intriguing plot, it is probably the best series out there... ohhhh Barrons.. he will always be my #1 Book Boyfriend. YUMMY!!!

3) Back To You - A sweet tail of two friends finding their way back to each other. Its beautiful and its also hard to put down once you start. The writing is superb and he has a 4 year old daughter, its just adorable and I know you will love it!! The wonderful thing about this book is the flashbacks to their high school friendship. It adds to the story so well that you see their relationship blossom over two time periods. I loved that!

4) The Sweet Gum Tree -   This book feels like a classic when you read it. Its so well written filled with such human emotion that makes you feel like your really reading a true story. The two main characters fall in love over time and it always felt right. After going through some tough times they slowly find their way back to each other even though it seems everything was keeping them apart. The characters are also so  believable that instantly made me love them! It has that mature feeling with marriage and kids but yet their loving relationship feels like that young new love. Its truly amazing!

5) Pushing The Limits - This teen book is so much more then a teen story. It contains a lot of raw emotions and circumstances that makes you cheer the two main characters on. She may be crazy, and he is trying to get his two brothers back. Two non-trusting people help each other out to get what they want not meaning to find each other and need each other so much. Its a beautiful story, possibly one of the best teen books I've ever read. #2 Dare You Too is even better and I was tempted to put in as part of the top ten but I'll just include it here... Also needs to be read!

6) Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood) -  I know there are a lot of books in this series and it can be intimidating if you have not read one of them yet but jeeze!  If you got balls jump into them right now!! They are freaking amazing! Filled with so much action and so much romance sometimes the two intertwine with each other. Also the thing I love most about these books is the writing. It's FANTASTIC! The humor will make you laugh out loud so many times people may find you crazy if your in public areas (which I don't recommend reading in public because they can get quite steamy - - bar scenes =) ) I warn you though, because there are a lot of books, if you are just starting them they do feel repetitive if you read them right after each other. I have had to wait between books so they feel new to me every time. I recommend that you space them out. Read a different book in between...but damit don't be scared.. PICK THEM UP!

7)  Beautiful Disaster -  I absolutely destroyed this book when I got it. I could not put it down for the life of me. Its a heart throbbing story of what it takes for two people to finally be together. There are a lot of ups and downs to their relationship that makes you feel your riding a roller coaster but its an amazing ride, you'll never want to get off. Its filled with dark situations but also deep consuming love. He would do anything for her! Its a page turner for sure, I would not pass this book up!

8) Wait For You - First I got to say I LOVE CAM. Alright that's off my chest now. Its the beginning of college and what other way to start your first day then literally taking out a guy as your running late for class. Not only are you embarrassed that you ran straight into the guy but the guy is so beautiful hot that it just makes it worse. You know that feeling. But low and behold the day isn't over yet and lets have the guy almost run you over with his huge truck... Believe me this book is amazing. The beginning of their relationship is a little stand offish which I'm sure you can understand why (almost killing each other haha). They slowly fall for each and its in the most perfect way. It feels real. Just so totally real. The reactions are real. The situation is real. Their insecurities feel real. They do what is safe until they can pull each other out of their safe zone. I devoured this book in basically one sitting and as soon as I was done I restarted reading it again cause I felt that I read it too fast and I didn't want to loose them yet. It just THAT good!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

9) The Sea Of Tranquility - WOW! Just wow! When I read this book I did not expect it to be the way it is. Its beautiful and so different from all the other books you read. While she is dealing with a lot of problems she turns to him for comfort. Even if its just sitting in a chair watching him work on furniture, its a soothing effect for both of them that they seem to not want to stop. They have this slow build up to a relationship, it doesn't feel rushed or pushed upon them. They help each other through the hardest things they could go through. Its so empowering and lovable! oh and did I mention that she's mute for like the first half of the book. Its a wonderful story filled with exquisite writing that will leave you craving more!

10) Vain - This is a back ass story. You want to hate her in the beginning of her story because she's a righteous B**** doing cocaine, sleeping with guys, and generally getting whatever she wants. She's basically a disgusting person and you want to hate her but you know books. You know they aren't about hating (for the most part). So we follow this little miss vain girl travel across the world to help out a orphanage where she got sentenced for 6 months (don't get caught with drugs!) Here is where she meets Ian and boy is he different then the other boys she knows. While he is trying to stay away from her they can't help be drawn together. This book has such a heart warming story that I loved it right away. I liked seeing the bad girl get thrown to the wolves. I liked seeing that someone has written about the bad girl and helped her change her life around. Its a perfect story in a very not so perfect world. The children of this book are so beautiful and touching that blew my mind and really opened my eyes to the world. I seriously did a lot of searching after I finished it because it had me really thinking about life and the choices that you make. Its a wonderful story!

Well guys that's my top ten! I hope you enjoy and I really hope you take a look at each book that you haven't read and seek it out. Their all wonderful books that I wouldn't pass up a second reading too =) in some cases 3rd or 4th readings (obsidian,dark fever, wait for you,... the list is endless)


  1. The only one on you list that I have read is Pushing the Limits, and I totally agree with you about Dare You To. So good! Have you read Simone Elkeles? Her Perfect Chemistry series is similar to Katie McGarry's style. Here are my picks

  2. All day YES to Dark Lover. I love the BDB series and just finished reading up through Phury's story. Now I need to grab the next one!

  3. Obsidian is one of my faves! I still have to pick up the rest of the series though.

    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

    1. You need to pick up the rest right away!!! You'll be mad at your self if you keep putting it off!! I promise it gets even better!!!

  4. JR Ward is awesome. Her BDB series is absolutely fantastic.

    Katie McGarry is also awesome (if I sound like a fangirl that's because I am :)) and I agree with Rockyriver, she's similar to Elkeles, but also fantastic in her own right. Love!