Stacking Shelves Sunday

Well this was a very exciting week for me.. Crash Into You  Photo cover was released so I believe that has to be added to my shelves!! Cannot wait for this book to get released. Also there are a couple other books that I found while looking around on goodreads.

Let me know if you've read any of these books! 
Feedback helps me determine what books to read!!

First, of course, is Crash Into You  By Katie McGarry. Hopefully you have checked out Share The Love for Katie McGarry on my blog already. If not you can see it HERE. The first two books to this series is one of the best written heart felt books in the teen sections. I love them so much! DYING to read Isaiah's story. Like...Just freaking speechless!! I WANT IT NOW!!

Now I have been looking at this book for a while and I'm not going to lie it is just because of the cover. I have not looked at anyone's reviews or anything but you put a girl with a guitar on a cover I will more and likely pick it up. I am country at heart so this book seems to be singing to me?? For those who have read it...  What do you think of it??

I only just found this book, and its not so much the description that made me add to it my TBR list but the reviews. The reviews for this book are amazing and I think I might just bump it up the list!!

Eekk Im excited to read this one!! It sounds so unique and seems to be one of those authors that haven't blown up yet. The reviews on this book is also super amazing but yet it doesn't seem that a whole lot of people have read it yet :( Im moving this one up my TBR list also. I think its one of those books to get you out of a stump because it seems different.

So that's whats stacking my shelves this week. If anyone have any recommendations I gladly will take them =)

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