Stacking Shelves Sunday

Alright!! This week there are a couple book I'm really looking forward too!! The one I wont be able to read for a while because I have to wait for it to be shipped to me but none the less I am super stoked for it!! Its called "Find me" written by Romily Bernard (did I mention she has the best last name ever!)

Another book that im looking forward to this week is finishing Obsession by Jennifer Armentrout. So far its pretty freaking amazing but because of all the pain meds I've been on every time I go to read I fall asleep. Its really sad :( 

Now this is my first Stacking Shelves Sunday so its not very detailed at the moment. I promise you, however, that next sunday will be much more exciting!! I'll have all week to prepare =)

Happy Reading!!

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  1. Shay, you're cracking me up! Hope you enjoy FIND ME. OBSESSION sounds great. Thanks for the rec!