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I just saw the cover today for Katie McGarrys new book Crash Into You, and I decided I had to show her my love before her new book is released. Well WE had to. So Hailey, from Haileys Book Blogand I are gonna give you the low down on the How, Whys, and Whens of the Pushing The Limits series. 

Katie McGarry


It all started a little while ago. I remember shifting shelves (anyone who has ever worked at a book store knows that when you shift book shelves, this is the time that you do your shopping=)), so while I was moving everything around I came across this lone Pushing The Limits book sitting on the shelf. I read the back cover, was intrigued but I put it back. I added it to my list of books to research and continued on with my day. All the while working, all I could do was think about was this book and when I finally got home I googled it and wow was I surprised by all the amazing reviews. I will admit though, and I am not too sure why, I did not buy it right at that moment. It kind of sat around inside my head for a while. I seriously would walk over to the Pushing The Limits book, pick it up, look at it, set it back, walk away and then continue to think about it...I'm not joking, this happened multiple times and I finally got fed up with myself and I bought it. AND BOY WAS I STUPID!! WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG!! And if you have not read this series yet we will give you reasons why!

Pushing The Limits is one of those book that makes you feel things that you wouldn't even think a teen book could make you feel. I like to use teen for my light reads. Their just for fun and entertainment, their short and simple. I was not expecting this dark, heart breaking, true story that felt more real then anything I've ever read. I completely devoured this book as soon as I picked it up. It grabbed a hold of me and would not let go. With such amazing detailed writing, Katie makes you feel the sorrows that our hero and heroine go through. With these sorrows however comes great love. The kind of love you know will work its way through anything. Its not the most easy love, and it for sure had a lot of obstacles to over come but the end is so worth it. I just fell  in love so hard over each and every character that I will read absolutely anything that Katie will write. The sense of pride I feel over the fact I had the joyful opportunity to read this book proves to me that I need to share this love with everyone. I recommend this book to absolutely ANYONE who loves a well written teen story that you will want to end up fangirling over because that is what will happen... You will fangirl! Eh' Hailey =)

Dare You Too left me speechless. If I thought Pushing The Limits was the winning goal of all books then Dare You Too is the freaking Stanley Cup (Im canadian, this means a lot to me=)) I had always loved Beth, even in Pushing The Limits, but wow did she blow me away in this one. She is so full of life and has just been through so much! Katie just has a way of making you connect with the characters. Beth and I come from completely different backgrounds but darnit I would be her friend! She makes you feel real and alive and that life is too short to not waste around. This book is sooo much more then any teen read, its a eye opener that will leave you breathless. It will leave you feeling so loved and wishing you had a little bottle filled with rain (Awww - cutest thing I have EVER read! Who Agrees?) You will want to never finish this book because the characters will stick with you and they show you that life is not what it seems. And it will teach you to fight for what you deserve!
You can check out my full review that I wrote not too long after reading Dare You To. Find It HERE

The when is NOVEMBER 26 2013!
I am so overly excited for the release of Crash Into You.. Do you see that cover?!!??!?! Even the cover is the most beautiful thing ever!! November can not come soon enough!! After the first two book blowing my mind I cant even begin to imagine how freaking awesome this book will be! I am ready though. I am ready for Isaiah's story. The plot sounds amazing

Now Katie McGarry, I have special words for you. Thank You! Thank you for doing whatever you do to get these words on paper. Thank you for having this ability to connect to your readings through characters that feel so real. And thank you for finding a publisher to accept them! hehe, just kidding on that last one, kinda. But seriously you are one amazing writer and I really wish everyone can experience the beautiful roller coaster of emotions that your books create. Just truly amazing!

Now READERS. If you have not had the joy of reading this series... WHAT ARE YOU STILL DOING ON THIS SCREEN??!! Click on the book cover and it will bring you to the amazon link.. yes I will help you get these books =)  Oh... and ENJOY!!

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