Find The Freckle Friday

So I saw the one picture at the beginning of this week that made me realize that I had to do a post with these kind of men... Who can say no to a man wearing dog tags..I know I cant!. Its like a filthy sin for me =) Hope you guys ENJOY!!!











And last but never least!!
Zac Efron

If anyone would like to join in on FIND THE FRECKLE FRIDAY all you have to do is create a post similar to mine, link it back to this page and then just add it in the comments below.. It's fun and damn,  looking at shirtless guys on a Friday is wonderful girly fun!! 

Join in! =)

Find a guy you like?? Let me know @shaytasticbooks


  1. Umm Shay I see no Jensen Ackles! Very disappointed!

  2. Whats really funny is that when I made this post I thought of you when I didnt put *Dean* no here (its dean right!) How about the next Find the Freckle Friday will be dedicated all to him???