The Collector Review

The Collector
Victoria Scott

Important Note: I read this book along side Hailey over at Hails Book Reviews

He makes good girls...bad. 

Dante Walker is flippin’ awesome, and he knows it. His good looks, killer charm, and stellar confidence have made him one of hell’s best—a soul collector. His job is simple: weed through humanity and label those round rears with a big red good or bad stamp. Old Saint Nick gets the good guys, and he gets the fun ones. Bag-and-tag.

Sealing souls is nothing personal. Dante’s an equal-opportunity collector and doesn't want it any other way. But he’ll have to adjust, because Boss Man has given him a new assignment:

Collect Charlie Cooper’s soul within ten days.

Dante doesn't know why Boss Man wants Charlie, nor does he care. This assignment means only one thing to him, and that’s a permanent ticket out of hell. But after Dante meets the quirky Nerd Alert chick he’s come to collect, he realizes this assignment will test his abilities as a collector…and uncover emotions deeply buried.

Lets just start of by saying that this book took me by surprise  I had no idea that this was how is was gonna be. Like totally different  But different in a good way. It was a complete change from all the other books that I have been reading lately and I specially liked how how the first page was a note from Dante. It made me laugh and grin :)

This is not a story about a beautiful guy and girl falling madly in love. Its not even about a beautiful girl. Its about Dante. Its about his faults as a human being and what he does while changing, all because of an ugly girl.

“My eyes widen at the sight of her. This is the girl Boss Man is after? She looks like a
porcelain doll…beat three times with an ugly stick.” 

Some people may not like this book just for the fact that the main girl character goes through changes that shows her maybe as being shallow but I don't see her that way.  I see how she changed Dante to be the better man and I think it's a real moving story.

Onto my favourite part of this book. Dante. I freaking love him. He is so cocky and confident, he freaking made me laugh. He's such a D*** most of the time, like truly he really is. Out of all the teen books I read, and yes this even includes Daemon, I think Dante is the biggest A-Hole. He's starts off so freaking shallow that I was a small bit worried that he wouldn't change. But that was not the case, thankfully, because he turned out to be the guy that Charlie really needed.

“It's not strange seeing her now, even knowing the things I know. I thought maybe it would be, but it's not. To me, she's still just Charlie—lover of Skittles and bed bouncing and scandalous raccoons.” 

The collector aspect had me a little wary at first, because some might find it a tad bit cheesy but I over looked that just because I love Dante so much. He kept the story going for me. The story had a really good flow to it, kept me interested all the way through. I was rooting for Charlie the whole way because she was such a sweet character. At times I wanted her to tell Dante to shove it, but in the end.... oh the ending....

At the ending of this book I almost freaking cried even! I loved it a whole freaking bunch and I hope most people give it a chance and pick it up. Its a different book that you would find in teen, but if your looking for that change in pace then defiantly pick The Collector up!!

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