Sweet Peril Review

Sweet Peril
Wendy Higgins

Important Note: I started this novel at 12 at night, thinking I would just read a couple chapters, only to continue reading till 2:30 in the morning!! EEKKK SOOO GOOD!!


If there was one thing that I could pick that would be the very best, extremely amazing outstanding part of this book, his name would be Kaidan Rowe. If you asked me why I wouldn't be able to tell you other then the fact he's sex on a stick..and in this case I mean that literally.

Being the child of all the sins, it is basically their job to cause harm and mayhem through the human world. For some this may be enjoyable, but to others, like our Anna who is pure at heart, she wishes for a different world. Just when they think no one is watching things unravel and reveal the the chaos behind being Nephilim.

I really enjoyed this second book in the Sweet Evil series. I found it to be a fast paced, romance filled, action-packed tale of finding what it means to be "you". While there is no amazing build up to a fight at the end, the story plot created a slow sinful build to what could be mind blowing in the next book.
“Too much was between us, pulling us together at the same time as it pushed us apart. Our need for each other would always be in constant battle with our need to keep the other safe.”
Back to our amazing characters, Kaidan and Anna can not be together. The forbidden love thing is what does me in every time! I want them to end up together so beautifully but yet THEY CANT because they could die!! Urrrgg heart wrenching.. .. oh but wait Wendy doesn't mind giving us a little temptation.. and GOSH DARNIT is that temptation AMAZING!! There's a scene... and they.. but they dont... and Jeeze this is a teen series but wholly hell it was HOTT!!! YES I MEAN H-O-T-T!!!!
“He opened his eyes to reveal the storm within him. "My every instinct is telling me to have my way with you." He was dead serious and my cheeks heated. Fire shone in his eyes and I broke eye contact, burying my face into his cotton-covered chest. "But not nearly as difficult as going all this time without you," he said.”
Now I will admit, because I dont like to sugar coat things, Anna may have gotten on my nerves a little. It was a little frustrating because she was so perfect sometimes and then she was the bad girl. She just was a little topsy turby for me, which does not mean you wont like her. Everything else about this book and the whole series makes up for me being picky. LOL!

And then there's Kopano, who proved to me he deserves some one to fully love him. I've always liked his character, and if I already didn't have a thing for Kaidan, he would be a perfect fit for Anna. Their little relationship kept things entertaining and filled the time gaps when she was away from Kaidan.

The ending of this book is what makes it so beautiful. The cooking was such a sweet touch that it made me grin the whole time (too bad that would not be me in the kitchen lol).

If you haven't already read the first book in this series then you better get your butt to the book store and purchase it because you will not be disappointed . For those who have read Sweet Evil (#1), THEN WHY HAVEN'T YOU READ SWEET PERIL YET!!!  Kaidan is waiting for you.... Ya I thought that would make you move faster!! =)


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