While it Lasts Review

While it Lasts

Abbi Glines

So where to begin with this book. I loved everything about it!!

Eva is such a beautiful character and her past love life is something out of a Disney movie. I LOVED it! I just about cried over it. But then enters Cage. If you don't love bad boys then boy oh boy will Cage turn you around. Hes such a perfect match for Eva, especially after everything that she has gone through. 

The secondary characters in this book made me laugh so much, and really appreciate the main characters so much more. Some times i was appalled by the things they did, other times i was in awww. It was GREAT!

This book has such a beautiful story line that I recommend this book to any one. It is written so well, you feel what Eva feels, feel what Cage feels, and it all comes together so nicely in the end. Their relationship is probably in my top fav Book Relationships just because you feel so much love from both of them.

If you havent read it yet, get your butt in gear and get it. Just truely a wonderful story :)

Mature Young Adult 17+

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