Vengeance Born Review

Vengeance Born
Kylie Griffin

Interesting Note: My boyfriend picked out this book after I found both my Kobo and Nexus dead, and so we went to the book store even though I just finished a shift working.

I dont know about you but I love the cover of this book. When my boyfriend first handed it to me I was like "ohhhh thats a kick ass cover". I don't know what it is but I love it when books show strong female characters on the front. Ya she may look like a little pin up but damn I wouldn't complain if I looked like that. So I'm giving it to her.

On to the actual book...

"Her next words, forced from between numb lips, felt like shards of ice slicing her throat. "Tell me, Light Blade, what privileges do you think I inherited being bred as a tool for retribution?""

I loved Annika. From the very beginning you know that she'd had a hard life and you can't help but cheer her on. From her very first kill to helping a Light Blade, who she knows hates her, she has proven herself strong enough to deal with anything. Her relationship with Kalan, the Light Blade, starts off on a rocky start, literally. From getting out from her fathers reach, to running away from rabid dogs and then all the way to the human realm where she is not very welcomed. Let just say she had a rough first night with the humans.

My favorite thing about Annika is her innocence. She doesn't have a firm concept on how the world works cause she's never been out into it. But she is smart and skilled in the art of battle and stealth. She enjoys the simple pleasures of life which I can of course connect with.

Kalan on the other hand was a tad bit blah for me. Dont get me wrong I still loved him as a character. He helped Annika on her journey in such a way that he himself learnt a great deal. I think my issue was, I like my men to be assholes and Kalan was so far from that! lol. Big freaking sweetheart. :)

"He'd given her his friendship. He'd accepted her. And by doing so, he'd laid his soul bare. For her."

The story line of the book is what really did it for me. I enjoyed the world that Kylie created. Set back in the time of horses and no running water, and where women wear dresses, but it also included a paranormal twist. Their world involves demons. Or the correct terms "Na'Resih" and "Na'Chi". These demons were ruthless and powerful with otherworldly powers. They also had a thirst for blood, which becomes very important in the story line(Loved it!) I loved how this mixed in with humans and the war that they have going on. It was really fun to read and I want to read more of it.

The only other issue I had is the "She". There was a lot of reference to the humans almighty god. She looks over them and guides them. Which, it doesn't bother me cause I am religious, but my gosh! There was soooo much of it. Could have been toned down a little.


I really enjoyed the world created in this series. If you like a great deal of fantasy set back in olden times, with a mixture of beautiful romance then this is for you. The set up for the next book was perfect so I will be continuing this series :)

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  1. Sounds like a great paranormal romance, can't wait to read it!