Tigers Destiny Review

Tigers Destiny
Colleen Houck

Review from a couple months ago, just late posting

So I got an ARC of this book yesterday and i just finished it. All i can say is OMG!! Man do i ever love Colleen. 

So of course it starts off where we left it in Tigers Voyage. Kelsey is captured but of course shes saved by her tigers. They go through many obstacles in this book and theres a big battle in the end. But the ARC didnt include the LAST 2 CHAPTERS so im slightly going mad!! Who does she choose. I know who deep down, at least i hope i know, but i still would like to read it. 

This book was amazing just like the rest of this series. I loved how we got to meet Durga before she was the goddess. I loved her. I didn't appreciate some of Kelsey's reactions to her but i understood them all the same. Hey id be pissed too if she was going for my man. But not Durgas fault. Who wouldnt love those boys.

I also loved how all the weapons were used. The new weapon they receive from their last mission was cool i thought. I wouldnt mind having one. As always i loved Fanindra. Id love to have her wrapped around my arm. Shes awesome.

Great concluding to this serious but now im dying to read the last 2 chapters.. Urrggg why does it have to be sooo awesome =)


I have since bought the full book and finished it. Wow what a perfect to the ending to the series. LOVED IT!! Go read this series right now!!

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