Spirit Review

Brigid Kemmerer

Important Note: I received this book through NetGalley. Read the first two books in the series (Storm, Spark) and I loved them!

Alright guys so this review is going to be short and sweet. I read the first two books in the series and I so very much loved them. The concept of elemental's and having an affinity for water, air, earth, fire and spirit I think is so cool and not done very often. At least not in what I read.

Hunter is one of my favourite character's just for the fact that he isn't a brother. Don't get me wrong I love all the Merricks, Gabriel holds a special place in my heart but I loved Hunters story. He cares so much for other people but yet he doesn't think any one could care for him.

Now Calla I very much enjoyed. I think out of all the girl love interests in this series so far, she is by far my favourite. She is so confident and kick ass and doesn't put up with shit. She doesn't listen and I must admit that her little tiffs with Silver rocked. Even though I ended up hating Silver in the end (not a whole lot but I did). Her relationship with Hunter started of so rocky that I didnt even know if I was going to like their relationship but I was fooling myself. The way they fell for each other was so sweet, it made me so happy to see Hunter happy. :)

I cant give you the plot too much because I would ruin it. There was such an equal balance between action and romance that Brigid did an excellent job in keeping me interested. When there was any bit of action it was good. Full of witty comebacks and teen drama, and the romance was pretty hot. But I will say I've never hated a grandpa so bad! (huge jerkface, read it and you'll find out why).

The thing about these books is the covers do not do them justice. I gotta say that I really hate the covers but the books are soooo gooood!!! The characters are just so unique and they stand out to me. Specially from all the other teen books. Its nice to see the four brothers get along at times but still have loads of drama between them. That's how brothers work to me at least.. They all have such different personalties, easily identifiable, and just sooo much fun to read about.

I would recommend this book to basically anyone who enjoys a good easy read. Its interesting and fun with great witty characters who uniquely fill the pages. But I suggest you read the first two books first because you need to know what's going on to get this story.

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