Onyx Review


Jennifer Armentrout


I dont think you could get a better sequel to the book. I loved everything about it. I wish one thing was changed at the end but thats because I love romance and for those who've read the book will understand.

Katy is so kickass in this book. I love the interactions between her and Daemon. They really do make me laugh out loud and I got a couple funny looks from my boyfriend. 

Daemon is as steamy as ever. He can soooo eat cookies in my bed any day! Sorry Sam you'll have to move over for him. Total Book Boyfriend Crush!!

I dont think I have to go into much detail about how amazing this book is just for the fact that we all know how great of a writer Jennifer is. That in itself explains that its an amazing read!

I found this photo and my thought was "Holy Shit its them!!" Not everyone may think so but its how I picture 


Ashley I think is just the right amount of pretty and is the right height. And well Ian is just Ian. Think we can all agree there. MMhmmmmmmmmmmm :) Yummy :)


Best sequel to any book ever written. This review should be a lot longer to explain how amazing this book series is but I really don't have the words to tell you how wonderfully epic it is. The feedback that I have gotten back from Indigo's customers I thnk proves enough how wonderful it is. Its created a huge fan base here in Calgary and its so much fun to talk to others about this great book series :) YAY!

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