Iced Review

Karen Marie Moning

Interesting Note: Karen is one of my favorite authors and this book is including in one of the best series ever written! (Kelsey read this book twice within 48 hrs)

Well I didnt think I would be a big fan of Dani since I wasn't overly fond of her in the fever series but WOW!! I loved how snarky she was and how she wasn't scared to say what she thought to Ryodan without worry of the concenquences. Dani is still 14 in the book, which you would think would turn you off from this type of book, but Karen does an amazing job showing us that Dani is a little bit more than a kid. I have to admit that I loved it when Dani showed her more kiddy side just because it was a breath of fresh air. Instead of being bagged down by hormones, and adult thinking, Dani is just happy to be alive and lives life to the fullest.

Ryodan is as bad ass as I expected him to be. Hes such a jerk to Dani and sometimes you gotta wonder if he does care about her or if its all for his own benefit. Im still questioning it!!?!?!?.. 

Christian is another main character in the book that fits for Dani. He clearly cares about her and thinks of her in his future. Id love to tell you what I actually think about him but I dont want to give the story away!!!

And then theres my personal favorite : Dancer. I Love Him!!! Hes an amazing sidekick to "The Mega". He gets her perfectly and is there for her. But theres things about him that makes me wonder about his actually feelings for her. He has a dark side that we get a glimpse of that makes me wonder.. Darnit Karen why do you do this to us!!

Urggg this book was sooo good with all the action, witty bickering, and all the lovely words that come out of Dani's mouth (boinking!!! haha!!). I really wished that Dani was a little older in reading everything, just because sex is what Karen does sooo well, but I think this book is a great beginning for Dani's story. We need to see her go through the stages of growing up to really root for her :) . Plus theres soo many guys in this story that you just dont know who shell end up with, which is sooo frustrating but so darn good!!

Love it!!

5+ Stars!!!!! 

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