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Review by Kelsey!!

Oh hey there!!! SO I'm Kelsey as you may able to tell from this ^^ I work with Shay at Indigo. I'm a big reader. I tend to stick to the Fantasy/teen/fiction section. SO when we got some of the new Kelley Armstrong ARC's in I nearly lost my mind. No I lied I actually lost my mind. I'm a big Kelley Armstrong fan. Like freakin' GIGANTIC. So when I got to read Omens, the first book in her new series, four months early? Oh man, excited doesn't begin to cover it. 

I loved it. I really did. It wasn't as fast paced as say, Bitten, but I loved it all the same. If I was going to compare it to other books I would say it's like Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning. Not plot wise but pacing wise. It's the book that sets up the world you're about to go into for the rest of the series and I think Omens did a great job of setting up this world. It made me want to read more and I think the books are just going to get even better from here. 

With Bitten you were into the story from the beginning. Yes there was a mystery but you knew Elena was a werewolf and Elena knew she was a Werewolf and the same could not be said for Olivia.

Olivia was thrown into the world of Cainsville after her life came crashing down around her. She goes there to get information and to escape Chicago and much like her I found myself fascinated by the little town. Things there are strange, people are highly superstitious and Olivia is very good with the superstitions she doesn't even know she knew. Throughout the book small pieces of her previous life crop up and you really begin to wonder what Olivia is and what exactly did her parents, convicted serial killers, actually did. I will say no more on the plot you just have to read the book. I will talk about the things                                                                                                    I loved though. 

OLIVIA. She's great. She starts off and, like Gabriel, you're kind of thinking she's a spoiled rich kid but as the story goes she really shows she is just so much more than that. I loved her attitude. She isn't over the top obnoxious like some main characters but she sure as hell doesn't let Gabriel get away with shit and I loved that she called him out. ALSO SHES SMART!!!! When you're sitting there thinking oh god this is not a good idea she's thinking the same thing and she's finding a way out of it. SO GREAT. 

GABRIEL. UGH THIS GUY. He's an ass but not the way that SOOO many main male leads are now. He's the cold calculating guy that had some rough times and because of that he has a hard time connecting with people and he keeps everyone at a distance. Also ethics and honesty aren't a huge concern for him. He's a lawyer through and through. He thinks what can help him win the case and that's his concern first and foremost. It was great to see his growth throughout the book as well. I really really loved him by the end. UGH LOVED HIM SO MUCH. 

One of the other great aspects of the book was that the narration changed. It was Olivia's POV but every once and a while they would throw in someone from the town's POV and it was through those short chapters that you got some real incite. Olivia may have no idea what the hell is happening but the town sure as hell knows and they're not quite ready to let Olivia in on their secrets yet. 

I'm thinking waiting for the second one is going to be incredibly painful since this first book doesn't even come out to August and I suspect I'll have about a year wait after that. I'm so excited to see what happens to the people of the town, what happens to Olivia and Gabriel and for the many secrets everyone was keeping to come out. 
Omens will not disappoint any Armstrong fans and all in all a great start to the series. I CANNOT WAIT FOR MORE.

ALRIGHT, that's it for me folks. Oh and haven't read any Kelley Armstrong? GO DO IT NOW. Seriously. What are you doing just sitting there? GO NOW.  Thanks SHAY SHAY for letting me steal your blog. I'll give it back to you now. 


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