Dare You Too Review

Dare You Too By: Katie McGarry

Received ARC From NetGalley For an Honest Review

Interesting Note: I was inadequate of putting the book down 
Example 1) Staying up till 3AM reading. 
Example 2) Reading while doing all tasks such as eating, spending time with boyfriend and while doing my hair..... URRGGG SO ADDICTING!!

"I hold the bottle out into the rain and watch as the steady flow slowly fills it. When there is enough, enough that Beth can clearly see it, I close the bottle and hand it to her. She raises a skeptical eyebrow, but accepts the bottle. "Its our rain, Beth""

 Im at a loss of words at this very moment. I don't know how I can tell you how amazing this book was. I have read Katie's work before, and while I thought Pushing The Limits was outstanding it does not hold a torch to Dare You Too.

Beth is such an amazing character. She is so hurt, lost and stubborn but at the same time she's so colorful, alive and mesmerizing. She has had it hard, and I do not blame her for what she tries to do for her mother. After nothing turns out right for Beth, who does she have to turn to. No one, which is the terrible truth of her life. Until she meets Ryan.

Sweet. Perfect. Ryan. Or at least that is the front that he puts on for the whole world. While Ryan is trying to figure out the dynamic of his life, the world throws him a curve ball (haha pun intended) and this curve ball comes in the form of Beth. The potty mouth skater girl who was just a dare, and a means of winning, but transforms him into the man he was meant to become.

I loved this book from the very first page right till the very end. Not once did I lose focus, get lost in book la la land. I was entranced to the point where my sleeping habits became irregular, which only lasted a night because that's all it took to finish. 24 HRS. From every turn of the page I became even more in love with their story.

I loved how Beth is such a strong character to begin with. Shes a snarky young women whose had to grow up much earlier then she should. When her life as a child gets revealed I didn't think I could handle any more hurt that shes been dealt. From one page to the next you get to see Beth change from the running scared girl, to the strong women that Katie finally allows us to see. All thanks to Ryan and his stupid dare.

I loved Ryan just as much, and although he had his own demons to work through,  I feel like Katie did such a wonderful job in making him much more mature in dealing with his issues. There was not much of a argument on if Ryan could handle the relationship. We know he can, its just all in if Beth can handle Ryan.
""I trust you," I say. "I was going to leave with you because I trust you""
One of the best parts of this book  is all the secondary characters. Everyone is so well written that you love all the charters  to the point where you wish everyone will get their own story. I loved how old time friend Lacy had such an important role, and even though you want to hate Gwen, Katie had a way of not making her a total B****. Pardon my language, I just spent the last 24hrs with Beth and her potty mouth. lol.

Over all I would recommend this book to anyone (17+ due to the hard language and mature themes). It was so well written, with characters that you can root for and a love that is everlasting. Filled with intense life situations and real plausible outcomes, this book gives you, the reading, that heart wrenching filling of CRAVING TO READ THE NEXT GOD DARN BOOK IMMEDIATELY!!!!

Please can I have Isaiah's story... Pretty Please.. Look im asking really nicely.... Please please please... right Meow! :):):):)

This book has definitely made my top favorite books of all time, and I'm sure it will have a lasting effect on you has it had on me ... :)

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  1. Okay now I am officially super excited to start this series. Another great review Shay!