Born of Silence Review

Born of Silence
Sherrilyn Kenyon

First of let me say that I've always been a big fan of Sherrilyn Kenyon. Im up to date on all her series and by far one of my favorite characters have been Acheron. But let me tell you that Darling comes into close second.

Its been a while since i've read one of Sherrilyn's leauge books so some of the characters i was unfamiliar with but she did a great job with refreshing my mind. Through out the book we come into contact with previous characters that I loved so much but it didnt take away from Darling and Z's story.

The way the book started I wasnt to sure if I was going to like the way it was going to play out but after a couple chapters it started to grow on me. Zarya and Darling love story had a beautiful start but of course it cant stay perfect. I loved the comedy in their relationship and the way they could build on each other. It was to die for.

Darling, like I said is a close second to Acheron. Poor Darling has had to go through so much stuff in his life that through every turned page I was shocked to find more terrible things that had happened to him. He's such a strong character that I cant help but love him. Best of all is his best friend Maris who im sure without him Darling would have been crazed long ago. They share this amazing friendship that every person in the world would long to have.

Zarya was alright for me. She is a strong fighter, cares deeply for Darling and hasnt had the perfect upbringing. I just wished there was a little bit more of the story behind her and Darling. I got alot of feeling from Darling but i didnt so much from Z. She was hurt as much as Darling which would make sense why theres more stuff for darling to go through but I feel like there could have been more. Don't get me wrong I still liked Z. She got along with Maris and the boys perfectly and she totally fits with them all. She is the perfect mate for Darling.

Favorite thing of this book was the humor. Some lines had me laughing out loud and just giggling. I love the way that Sherrilyn can make her characters so hurt and serious but yet around the right people you can see their guard down. Just fun characters. Love them all!

Great book to read specially if your a fan even though if your a fan you shouldn't need my encouragement. Cant wait for the next instalment. 

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