Between The Lines Review

Between The Lines
Tammara Webber

Interesting Note: I started this book last night at around 10 PM, stayed up till 3 AM and finished it. :)

So just wow!! wow oh wow!! I gotta give  a shout out to ILoveYAFiction for giving me the heads up to this book. I haven't been disappointed from her picks so far and this one does not change that.

Emma is a young actress trying to make it big in LA. She gets the role of Lizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice, only its a modern Americanised version. Playing opposite of her is Reid Alexander.. Oh Reid. Mixed in here of course are a great group of supporting actors and actresses and of course a third love interest for Emma, Graham.

Now I'm not a big fan of love triangles unless their done right and this one is done right. Emmas relationship with Reid is all physical, and wow is their physical relationship hot.. like...hmmmm Reid... moving on... Her relationship with Graham is all emotional. He's there's for her, they talk, they are just great companions to one another.

"I laugh, unlocking my door. We step inside my room, where I've left a single lamp on and curtains open, because it was light outside when we left. Reid lets the door shut and immediately presses me to it, his hands on my shoulders. Inverting his hands, his fingernails lightly skim down my bare arms. When he gets to my hands, he takes them in his, dips his head and kisses me.
"I have to go now or I'm not going at all," he says, minutes later. I can't do anything more than nod. He kisses me again, pulling away and muttering "Damn," before opening the door and slipping into the hallway."

I will tell you this, there were a lot of wall/door make out scenes in this book, but I completely enjoyed it!!!

"Raising a hand to my face, he gently swept a strand of wet hair off my forehead, tucking it behind my ear. (Cute. Little. Huh. Habit?) I swallowed, my pulse thrumming so loudly in my ears that it drowned out the deluge pounding all around us. Our eyes held as his hand lowered, grazing past my ear, my shoulder, and down my arm, raising a wake of goosebumps in a trail behind his fingertips to my hand where it rested on my thigh"

The chemistry between both the guys and Emma were so special to read about. Reid has some issues to deal with and Graham, oh Graham, has his own things to deal it which I'm not going to lie was a surprise to me. I liked them both as characters and I can see Judith's appeal to Reid but I'm a Graham lover in this one. He just rocks, wish he had a little more scenes but I think it made their relationship a little more substantial.

The secondary characters in this book were great. The thing that I really found was the beautiful friendship between Emma and Emily.  I felt that it was just as important to the story line than her relationship to the guys. It just added another emotional dimension to the story.

I would recommend this book to anyone 17+ just due to the sexual content written in the story (Reid is bad bad boy) It was a fun easy read, and I'm looking forward to continuing the series..

PS: Thanks Judith!!

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