Hush Review

Stacey Campbell

Interesting Note: I received a copy from NetGalley for a honest review.

Blakely is just a regular girl with no idea that she could possibly be a princess... for real.

Max is an exchange student sent to do his investigation/project of finding out if blakely is a princess or not.

Beginning of this book pulled me on so fast!!! The mystery of Blakely may not be a new concept but I like my fairy tale stories so I invested myself into these characters.

The story was so easy going, flowed well with a good chemistry between the two main characters. I really enjoyed Max and his ways of wooing Blakely. He needed to get close to her to find out if she is the princess or not but his feelings for her grew and I liked their relationship.

The setting of the book is mainly in western Canada which was perfect for me as in I live here so I had such a wonderful time going through all the Canadian traditions that the author wrote about. :)

One thing about this book was that it just was too easy. It was like boom boom boom then done. I would have liked a better emphasis on Max asking her to the winter festival but that I can deal with it.

The biggest issue that bugged me is that there was a lot of talk about Blakely not being able to handle the hectic personal life that came with being a princess. I thought that she would have a freak out but nothing happened. She accepted it and that was that. A little disappointing. :(

Over all it was a good book and if your looking for just an easy read to get away from your heavy reading then I recommend this book!!!


  1. Thank you for the nice review. I agree I should have done more with Blakely's royal discovery. But you live, learn, and write better each day.
    Whisper (Book 2) coming to net-galley at the end of the month will hopefully make you smile. I think I got all the weak spots this time. If not there's always Scream (book three) but you'll have to wait a year for that one. :)
    Cheers, Stacey

    1. Hey! Thanks for the reply! Ill keep an eye out for number 2!! =)