Hush Review

Stacey Campbell

Interesting Note: I received a copy from NetGalley for a honest review.

Blakely is just a regular girl with no idea that she could possibly be a princess... for real.

Max is an exchange student sent to do his investigation/project of finding out if blakely is a princess or not.

Beginning of this book pulled me on so fast!!! The mystery of Blakely may not be a new concept but I like my fairy tale stories so I invested myself into these characters.

The story was so easy going, flowed well with a good chemistry between the two main characters. I really enjoyed Max and his ways of wooing Blakely. He needed to get close to her to find out if she is the princess or not but his feelings for her grew and I liked their relationship.

The setting of the book is mainly in western Canada which was perfect for me as in I live here so I had such a wonderful time going through all the Canadian traditions that the author wrote about. :)

One thing about this book was that it just was too easy. It was like boom boom boom then done. I would have liked a better emphasis on Max asking her to the winter festival but that I can deal with it.

The biggest issue that bugged me is that there was a lot of talk about Blakely not being able to handle the hectic personal life that came with being a princess. I thought that she would have a freak out but nothing happened. She accepted it and that was that. A little disappointing. :(

Over all it was a good book and if your looking for just an easy read to get away from your heavy reading then I recommend this book!!!

Full Blooded Review 5/5

Full Blooded
Amanda Carlson

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Important note: I put down Clockwork Princess (which I have waited over a year for) to read this book. Read in 2 days.

"Jesus," I moaned. Sweat slid down my face. My head was fuzzy. Was I dreaming? If I was, it hurt like a bitch." 

So I have to start this review off with 


If you love fantasy with a little tie into romance then this book is for you. Plus alot of Kickassness.

Jessica is the first and ONLY female wolf in the world!! In the freaking world!! Shes totally bad ass while still being feminine and unsure. I love how the beginning of the book started with a BANG! Like total epic introduction into the world that Jessica literally has been thrust into. LITERALLY. As the world unfolds you are filled with excitement and anticipation but not everything is given away. There's still so much mystery im still scratching my head over (seriously dying for the second book here!)

I dont want to give the plot away because theres a lot that happens in such a short time that if I say anything then I feel like ill be ruining the story for you!! WHICH I CANNOT DO BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO READ IT!! Lets just say if you loved the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning, I think this book will rank a close second (ya seriously)

But now onto James.. Mhmm James. Lets just say being a wolf sure does have its perks. After an adrenaline filled fight, what else is there to do with a smoking hot, full blooded male in your living room with enough energy to last two lifetimes...oh there is plenty to do :) I loved how this fling was just a small taste of whats to come in the series 

Not Lets talk about ...







"Now stop whining like a pansy-assed little girl, because we need to get the hell out of here right now. Got it?" 

Oh Rourke <3

The build up to this character was mind blowing. I seriously could not put this book down till we meet this guy because the build up for him gave me such high expectations. And lets just say Amanda did not disappoint... he was.. WOW!! The story grew ten fold by the time he showed up and the book got so much better with him involved.. mhmmm sooo yummy!!!

"...All in one motion I was up against the doorframe, his body flat against mine. He leaned down and covered my mouth, crushing his lips against mine..." 

"What the hell was that? I.. I.." I ran a forearm over my bruised mouth. I tried to refocus. Everything was blurry. "That wasn't a normal kiss, Rourke. I know you're hot, and my wolf's been going apeshit over you, but holy crap. I've never...I..." There were no words." 

Oh Rourke... How amazing you are... Just wish I knew what you were and if we can see more of you.. freaking a mystery!!!! uurrrggggg The relationship between Rourke and Jessica is basically slow to begin with but then BANG its there. Fudgecicles (yes i made that up too, who cares about spelling) I just loved this book. The action, the build up, the plot, the hot hot hot romance.. and whats to come.. urrgg PLEASE!! Can I have the second book now!!!! eekk!!

To finish this review I will give you one last thought






I have now officially completed 4 CER 100 with all Jennifer Armentrout's  Lux Series Books :) 





Now these are just rough estimates taken from last week so it might be varied but I still think this is pretty awesome.... 

Now the great news!!

Thanks to Indigo, and of course Jennifer for writing these amazing books, I received $200 in gift cards which allowed me to buy myself a Google Nexus 7!!!! YAY!!
Im so pumped over this because it makes reading soooo much easier now and plus its just plain fun :) If this isn't an incentive for doing the CER 100 I dont know what is :s

So here is a little gift 

ARC "Insomnia" Review

Quick and to the Point Review:

Wow! Dreaming the dreams of the last person you see is the basis of the story but it is soo much more than that.

Parker was a very independent character which I very much enjoyed. It was nice to see that there was no big corporation or group that came in for the saving which is what I find happens a lot in paranormal books. He had to figure everything out on his own, and eventually with his friends. It was a nice change.

There wasn't a lot of romance in the story which I was a little disappointed with cause that is my favourite part of books, even though I did like the dynamic of Addie being the love interest but Mia was his saviour. It had a feeling of a love triangle but because it wasn't a big part of the story it didnt over power it. Thank God!

Over all it was a very interesting book and i would recommend it to those who love a good paranormal story. The twist at the end makes me wanna read the second one real bad!!! Can I have it now!!!

My Rating: 7/10