Back to You - Priscella Glenn

  First and foremost I would love to thank Judith from ILoveYAFiction for recommending this book to me. If it wasn't for her I'd probably be still in the dark looking for a book that would only be half as amazing this book!!! So Thanks!!

I'm scared to even write a review on this book. What if i don't do it justice? What if what i write here doesn't make you want to read it. I'm scared of this because i think EVERYONE should read this book!!

Back to You was soooo well written that I'm still in awe. I haven't been able to pick up another book since i finished it yesterday, which is weird cause i always start a book right after another. I always have another book ready to go but I couldn't do it after "Back to You". I had to stay with the characters for just a little while just so i could sketch them into memory.

The story was beautiful. I laughed, I "awed", I had motherly moments (I don't have kids but damn, it pulled on those heart strings) and then i was serious and then i cheered. It was just soooo fun to read about Michael and Lauren. You read about their story at present but then you also get to see their relationship from where they first meet in highschool. The way that Priscella blended the two just worked perfectly. I was so happy that i loved both the past and present, equally. You got to see both of them grow and mature and become who they are supposed to.

And Michael. Just wow!! Ya, he has had it rough and ya he does some questionable things but i loved him for that. He just turned out to be such an amazing character!! Someone you could count on even behind the hard exterior facade he exuded. Oh there's soooo much more to him that you can't even believe and ... and.. .and... I just loved him!!!

Lauren was a great character too!! She and Michael have such a perfect relationship that it makes my heart swell. She accepts Michael for who he is, knows exactly what to do for him and when, and is a constant reminder that he is not alone. Shes such a sweetheart and really tries to find out what will make her happy. Even though we all know Michael makes her happy!! :)

If you havent read this book now, please do me this big favor and go read it! I swear you will not be disappointed. This book will be in my top favorite for years to come. I just cant believe it took me this long to finally read it, so dont be like me.. GO READ IT NOW!!! Hahaha :)

This picture says it all for this book!!!!!