Obsidan Update!

So as you can see I have now reached 65 Obsidian sold. This is awesome!! But I do have one problem

Im Sold Out!!

So as it stands right now I not able to sell any more until we get some more in. We have customers calling in checking to see if we have any even.
And their calling on a regular basis. Employees told me they are getting calls asking about Obsidian and Onyx. I just wish we could get some in so I can get them into peoples hands and on their bookshelf. :)

Ok so that's all fine and dandy but I have some bigger news to even share!!!!

If anyone read my other post they would see that this all started out with my goal of getting Obsidian in the top 20 best sellers list of my store. Ya well guess what!! Not only did it make it up there last week it was Number 1!!!!!! Which means 50 shades your moving down!! This is all super exciting!! The terrible part is that  we dont have any copies to put on the shelf :( I know, totally sucks lol. So as of right now we have 60 obsidian on order which im hoping will show up any minute so i can get them on that top shelf...  awww im sooo excited about this that it makes my day.

We also have 50 Onyx on its way which again i'm hoping will show up any time now so i can get my hands on a copy. Its great because we actually have a list of employees that have their name down to put onyx aside so they can get their own copy. As we like to say, there's a lot of people that's on the ban wagon :)  From this new thing that I've started the store might create a book club for us that starts from obsidian. Might include customers into this which is really exciting!! I dont know very much about this but basically us workers just enjoy talking about obsidian, and of course onyx. We have fun with it, and im happy to be sellin such a great and enjoyable book. There's not enough pen pokes out there in the world that would have me bad mouthing Obsidian :) Thanks Jennifer for writing such awesome and fun books!!

Heres some more Yum Yum for you guys =)