CER 100 Obsidian

Hi Guys!! Dont be scared and take the time to read this. Its really Exciting!!!

 I just wanted to let every one know what i'm up too these days. I think you would all like and support it.  Especially Jennifer Armentrout since she actually does benefit lol.

Some Background: My name is Shalyn, or Shay, however anyone wants to call me. I love reading and I love Animals. My two biggest passions. 2 years ago I was going to college to become an animal health tech, when 2 days after my b-day (Jan) I was in a terrible car crash on the highway. I was in the hospital for 4 months and I had to learn to walk again among other things. I'm doing fine now, even better then fine I would say. I'm not letting my disabilities stop me from doing anything I want to do. Like run, I will run again one day. Anyways more to the point, I've always loved reading and when I was in the hospital that's all I did. It was my comfort. That and lots of t.v (thanks nurse Holly!!)

 For the longest time I wasn't able to work which was fine, that meant more time healing and reading. But when it came time that I needed to go find a job I knew exactly where I wanted to go. Indigo. Just in case you don't know its a book store. :) Ive been there almost two months now and I love it!!! But there was one issue when I started. They did not have my FAVORITE book of all time. Obsidian. By Jennifer L. Armentrout. So I got on that right away and this is what happened!

 I live in Calgary AB and not one store in this entire city carried Obsidian. When I first read it I had to buy it on kindle and read it on my phone. Which wasn't fun because I couldnt put the god darn thing down. I literally ate dinner at the kitchen table with my phone plugged into the wall because I couldn't stop reading the thing. Thats when I knew what an amazing book I had on my hands. When I started at indigo they asked if there were any books they would like us to get in that they didn't have on the shelf and of course I told them Obsidian. I told them how much I loved the book and I started telling other staff members about this awesomesauce book :). They ordered 5 in just to be safe to know they would sell. They came in at the beginning of my shift which you'd laugh if you saw how excited I was. I asked the manager on duty in just a joking way what he would give me if I sold all 5 that night. He laughed and said he'd give me a free book. Which I was like "sweet, done!". I went out on shift and sold all 5 that night. Pretty easy when its such a good book.

My first goal was to get this book on top of the "this stores top 20" list. Or at least below 50 Shades of Grey. We all know that one isn't moving from its spot. This is where everything started.

 The peps at work were getting a little more interested in Obsidian. The managers noticed how excited I was about it and how many other staff members I got hooked on the book and my goal of top 20. So they came to me and asked me this, "Would you like to be a CER 100?". I said yes of course, and so this is what it means.

 I choose a book, and then if I sell 100 copies of that book in 3 months I become a CER 100. Just means I get recognized within the company and a gift card. Im cool with that. So I choose Obsidian, Duh!

 So I have 3 months to sell 100 copies of Obsidian. You gotta remember my store is the only store in all of Calgary that has it on its shelf. Which is just so hard to believe cause its soooo good. But also not a whole lot of people know about this book because it isn't seen every where. There are other people who are trying to become CER 100 by trying to sell 50 shades of grey or the hunger games. I'm sorry but those sell them selves. There's no work there. I have created posters and little quotes and put them through out the store to get people aware. And I talk and recommend it to anyone I believe will like it.

 Now my goal is to sell 100 copies of Obsidian in 1 month. They give us 3 but I think I'm much more awesome then that so I'm choosing a month. So far this is where I stand.

Since Aug 1st Ive sold 53 copies of Obsidian. YAAYY!!! Only 47 more to go.

I will post on here and keep every one updated on my progress. Im pretty sure I will do it. Ive meet some really nice customers who are now coming back into the store just to get recommendations from me. It makes me happy. Once I finish the CER 100 I'm gonna check the stores stats and hopefully Obsidian will be on "this stores top 20" list which is what will make my day.

Happy Reading Everyone!! :)

 =) And a lovely treat for everyone  Mhmmm


  1. This is so awesome. I'm honored that you'd chose Obsidian for this. Thank you!

    1. Im happy to do it! Im very passoniate about books and Obsidian happens to be my favorite. I thank you for writing such an awesome read and letting everyone enjoy the fun that is Katy and Daemon.. :)

  2. This is so neat! I love that you have the ability to influence what books might come into your store, and even better, what book might be featured! I wish you great luck on your journey to 100 - if I was close to Calgary, I'd run in to buy a copy from you (*looks around* since I still haven't read this book yet, shhh!)!

  3. I live in Ontario near Toronto and I feel your pain.. they don't sell Obsidian ANYWHERE near me, so I had to buy it on my kobo! I didn't mind that much, but nothing compares to having your own copy. I wish you luck and hope you reach your goal :) PS SOOO jealous you work at Indigo, been trying to get a job there for years !!

  4. This is awesome! I don't know what it is with Chapters-Indigo and not carrying JLA's books (I live in Southwestern Ontario). I've had to order them all from Chapters or The Book Depository. Most of them aren't even available on Kobo.

    With such an awesome book that seems to be so under appreciated here in Canada, I know you can do it!