Starling Review

Starling (Starling, #1) 

So to start of this review id at least like to say i did like it. Didnt love it it but i did like it.

"So i can keep stabbing you, then?" She smiled brightly up at him. "Id actually prefer you didnt" he said "not for my sake, so much as my wardrobes, you understand."

Mason is a champion fencer at Gosforth Academy when her life gets altered when a giant storm locks her and a couple companions in the school gym for the night. Here she meets Fenn who saves them and then vanishes the next morning. Believing she will never see him again or speak of the freaks she saw that night she trys to focus on her fencing, but when Fenn returns with his mystery amnesia she cant help but help the guy. And fall for him. Specially since he saved her life. Her family prophesy of which she knows nothing about becomes the goal of her brother and father who will stop at nothing to see it come true. Mason becomes the tool to end the world but she doesnt even know it, even on the last page she still has no clue whats going on.

The story starts off with the most intense scene from the whole book which is the storm. I found it different to start a book the way it did and i wasnt sure how i felt about it. It took me a while to get into the characters. I didnt like them right at the start. I think because of the beginning it took me awhile to warm up to them.

I really did enjoy Fenn immensely. The hero in the story that really had no clue of who he was let alone where hes suppose to be or what to do. It was interesting to follow his story and find out all about him as he found out himself. I liked the mystery of it and thats what kept me reading.

I found Mason as a let down. Dont get me wrong i did like her in the sense that she can hold her own and she didnt freak out but there was just something off about her. Im sure its a positive for her character that she wasnt as snobby as youd expect her to be. She was raised with lots of money and not once did she depend on it or was a bitch about it, but she also didnt care about it. I just thought there would be a little more deep there. Also her claustrophobia. I know its terrible and there was some big emphasis on it in the story except for in the part that it mattered. I just felt it fell a little flat at the ending but thats just my opinion.

Calum i could freaking punch in the face. What an annoying little bugger! Seriously he came off as a girl with the way he over reacted with everything. Like jeeze buddy get over yourself. Mason may not cared about the money but damn did Cal care about his looks. Even though he didnt come out straight and say it, it was in his reactions. Urrrggg most annoying character i think i've read this year so far.

The mythology aspect to this story was over all good but there seem to be too much of it. I just thought that most of the story was about explaining everything which took away the action of the story.

Over all a good read but im dying to read the second part of the story. Maybe i will for Fenn since hes my hero in this book. :)


First i must start by saying that i couldn't put this book down. Was almost late for work because i had to constantly read it.

The book starts off where Cinder ended but with a different main character. We meet Scarlet who lives with her Grandmother on the family farm. When her grandmother goes missing she meets a fighter named Wolf who may have some knowledge of how to find/save her grandma so they set off together to find her. Cinder is on the run from the police and the queen. Shes in search of Scarlet's grandmother who may have information about herself. With the aid of the captian (lol once you read the book youll get it) and Iko they fly their ship all over in search of scarlet and her Grandma so they can save their precious world from the evil queen. HEHE

I really enjoyed everything in this book. Even thought its not completely centered around Cinder i really enjoyed Scarlet and Wolf. You still get to read lots from Cinder and also some Kai in there too. It was a steady paced story with lots of action and not so much focused around the romance building. I loved the captian, he made me laugh and i cant wait to read more on him. It was a joy to read the two different views and still have their worlds comes together nicely. Very well done.

The only down side to this book is that now i have to wait even longer to find out what happens. I want to know NOW!! I want to know how Kai is going to react and how the world will react once every one finds out who Princess Selene is. If you enjoyed Cinder i think youll enjoy the second installment. Cant wait for the third!!

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