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New to Blogging so here I go....

I have all these characters in my head that I want to be able to put down on paper but it feels like its not enough. These characters are dear to me and I feel like other people should get to know them too. Here's what I propose:
Here will be my characters world. All they do, think, and say will get posted here so everyone can share in with them.

Comment and post what ever you like but please keep in mind to be polite. I sometimes gets over excited about them and I just go off and sometimes not make sense, that is an issue but please bear with me.

Where to start where to start?   The Main Character?... Sure..

Id like you to meet Shay

Shay has been playing around inside my head for a couple years now. She has a strong personality that sticks with you. I like to think of her as a cooler me since she has the courage to speak what she wants, do what she wants and just plainly be the person she wants to be. Shay isnt crazy by any means but she does have a wild factor to her, when shes had a few drinks. Shes also very responsible when shes needed to be due to the fact she has a horse and 2 dogs. (quick note: I personally dont own a horse and has never owned one but shay does so bare with me if some things are wrong, I just go by what she does) She rides Drogo all over her land with her two dogs (a Rotti named Thor and a chihuahua named Zarek (nickname "Z"))  in tow.

I would describe Shay as being around 5"8 with chin length dark brown hair and brown eyes. Shes nothing out of the norm. I would say she has a normal body type because she does keep herself fit. She does have a horse and dogs to take care off which keeps her active. She has no boyfriend but she does have a couple close friends, whom she also works for. Youll meet them later.

The biggest thing with Shay that you have to remember is her days are not completely easy for her. A couple years ago she was in a car accident that left her bed ridden for 4 months. She had to learn to walk again and figure out how to do simple tasks again. She broke bones in her left and right foot, (left got it the worst) bone in both legs, pelvis was broke in half and her left arm was "demolished". That was the medical term the doctors used. lol. So this happened 2 days after her 21st birthday in Jan so the weather outside was not the best. She also recieved frost bite oh her left hand and left hip. Every step she takes has a painful outcome due to the broken and healed bone. She cant do a fast past run yet and on her bad days stairs are hard to go down. She also have scars all over from all the surgeries especially on her left arm. It also doesnt have its full range of motion but she has to work with what shes got.

 Now this does sound terrible and horrific, and no offence but it was, but the feeling I get from Shay is shes not a quitter. Even though she has these problems she has to deal with she has determine to enjoy her life. She has no excuses for what she does or doesnt do. She sued the couple who hit her (wasn't her fault) which left her with hundreds of thousands of dollars which she decided she would invest which was smart on her behalf. But she also bought lottery tickets. and a year later after the accident she won 51.1 million dollars.

Now I know your thinking that "of course she did!" but you have to realize that she didnt grow up with money. She was as shocked as the day she was in the car accident but she was determine to live her life to the best that she could make it. You have to know that she would give all the money back to not have to deal with the pain she lives with every day and to have her dog Anakin back. Shay was always an animal lover ever since she was a child. After moving away from her home she bought this little 1 pound runt of chihuahua mix and loved him for the year and a half she had him. He did everything with her, from going to the store to shop for tvs to going to work and having play dates with the other chihuahuas. They were right for each other and on that day of the accident she couldnt even think that he would be gone. It was only 2 weeks later that she found out he had actually saved her but he did not make it. Theres a lot of pain in that part of her past but she has moved on and gotten a new chihuahua. Zarek or Z as she likes to call him. Dont get me wrong she still holds a dear spot for her Anakin but Z has changed her life around. Hes a little 4 1/2 lbs chihuahua with a spoiled little heart and a curiosity that gets him into trouble. He is only a little over a year old and acts like it but the very friendliest chihuahua you'd ever meet.

Theres also Thor the rescue Rottweiller she saved just a couple of months ago from the pound. He of course is a gentle giant. Z is more threatening then he is. Now Drogo is also sort of a rescue. He came with the farm that she bought and was told that he couldnt be trained. The previous owners had a new born baby and the husband got a new job in the city so they had to leave. Dont think wrong of the family because they loved that horse and that farmed. They made it work there until Shay came along and could take over cause they were not leaving the place and letting it go unattended. Shay bought the land which was basically a beautiful 2 story home buildt on a side of a mountain. Shay has acres upon acres which she spends exploring with Drogo. When they first meet there was a connection and Drogo has trusted her ever since. This part of the story needs its own explaining so ill leave it for now

Shay doesnt just spend all her time with her animals now. As I mentioned she does have friends whom 2 she works for.

Id like you to meet Tara and Trish .... Coming soon :)

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