Trish and Tara

I just finished reading Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and since i havent started another book since i think im going to dive into my characters in my head.

Lets start with Trish and Tara

 First things first. Their Twins. Duh lol. They are Shays best friend/ Co Workers/ Boss. I cant say their identical twins because their dna says otherwise but they look very similar. Its their Personality that sets them apart.

First we have Trish. I would say shes the more serious and responsible sister but she is very laid back. Shes about 5"6 with long Blond straight hair that she wished she could curl like no tomorrow. Which she tried but her straight hair has troubling keeping it so by the end of a long day it goes limp. (trust me this ticks her off till the cows come home). She has bright green eyes that would cause anyone envy. Trish graduated highschool in Littleton just like her sister and moved into the city. (3 hrs away). There she took a business course where she planned to start her own business. Call her a little different but she wanted to start her own antique shop. When tragedy hit home she moved back to Littleton to take over the family inn. Who else would?

Tara is the more out there sister. Shes nod afraid to have fun and she would try anything once. After boucing around courses and jobs during high school she found she had a passion for dance. With her blond hair that she flows down her back, she has no issues with it being iron straight. After school she left Littleton just like her sister to find a career in dancing. She landed a couple of small teaching gigs but found that teaching dance was not her thing. She was offered a gig working in a club that supplied song, dance and comedy as entertainment. Here she was allowed to dance to her hearts content. Yes it did have a sexual undertone to everything but there was all kinds of dance gigs. From ballet to crumping, everything could be on display there. She loved the people she worked with, learned alot from every body and was very content in her life. After a couple years on her own she had to pack up and move back to Littleton to help with their familys inn.

7 Years after graduating high school both sisters were back in Littleton. Their mother died and left the inn to the  sisters. Both loved and cherished their mother, there was no bad relationships between them and decided that their mothers dreams were important to them. Their mother said in her will that they could sell the inn if they both decided to choose but it had to be joint decision. Along with Nanas. Yes their lovely Nana, now up there in age, owned a piece of the business. Without her approval/signature they could get rid of the inn. With Nana in her old age she couldnt look after it so the twins took over. They tried to get Nana to sign but in her stubborn ways, their nana believed so much good could come out of the inn. She declared that she would only sign when she say that it was fit or when she died. They both decided that together they could grieve together for their lost and maintaining the inn would be the first and best step to take.

Trish looked forward to the inn. With her business that was not getting up off the ground she saw this as an opportunity to begin again. It may not have been her idea and her hope but her mother loved the inn and she would see it succeed. After 7 years away Tara was ready to come back to Littleton. Even though she loved her job, things may have gotten a little dicey. She fell in love with a married man and an abusive one whenever she decided to leave him. Her mothers death was a wake up call so she packed her bags and headed back to her hometown.

Both sister are on friendly turns but i wouldnt go so far and say they talk deeply to each other. Neither one knows about the troubles behind them but they do have a friendly relationship. And when Shay shows up next door, the three become closer then the 2 could ever imagine.

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