Back to You - Priscella Glenn

  First and foremost I would love to thank Judith from ILoveYAFiction for recommending this book to me. If it wasn't for her I'd probably be still in the dark looking for a book that would only be half as amazing this book!!! So Thanks!!

I'm scared to even write a review on this book. What if i don't do it justice? What if what i write here doesn't make you want to read it. I'm scared of this because i think EVERYONE should read this book!!

Back to You was soooo well written that I'm still in awe. I haven't been able to pick up another book since i finished it yesterday, which is weird cause i always start a book right after another. I always have another book ready to go but I couldn't do it after "Back to You". I had to stay with the characters for just a little while just so i could sketch them into memory.

The story was beautiful. I laughed, I "awed", I had motherly moments (I don't have kids but damn, it pulled on those heart strings) and then i was serious and then i cheered. It was just soooo fun to read about Michael and Lauren. You read about their story at present but then you also get to see their relationship from where they first meet in highschool. The way that Priscella blended the two just worked perfectly. I was so happy that i loved both the past and present, equally. You got to see both of them grow and mature and become who they are supposed to.

And Michael. Just wow!! Ya, he has had it rough and ya he does some questionable things but i loved him for that. He just turned out to be such an amazing character!! Someone you could count on even behind the hard exterior facade he exuded. Oh there's soooo much more to him that you can't even believe and ... and.. .and... I just loved him!!!

Lauren was a great character too!! She and Michael have such a perfect relationship that it makes my heart swell. She accepts Michael for who he is, knows exactly what to do for him and when, and is a constant reminder that he is not alone. Shes such a sweetheart and really tries to find out what will make her happy. Even though we all know Michael makes her happy!! :)

If you havent read this book now, please do me this big favor and go read it! I swear you will not be disappointed. This book will be in my top favorite for years to come. I just cant believe it took me this long to finally read it, so dont be like me.. GO READ IT NOW!!! Hahaha :)

This picture says it all for this book!!!!! 


Alright guys, theres less than a month away for Opal and Jennifer being awesome shes giving a couple ARCS away!!

WOOT!!! WOOT !!!

Just visit and entry every day till end date!!

Awwww soooo exciting!!!



Alright so now that I've finished selling 100 copies of Obsidian in 39 days I have moved onto Onyx. These one seems to be a little more challanging just for the fact that i gotta get people to read Obsidian before they can even read Onyx.


Since Sept 21 I've sold 45 copies!!!!! YAYAYAYAY!!!

100 Here I Come!!! :)

And just a little fact. I am officailly a CER 100. I am only the second person to do this in the calgary region and the First at my store location.. Yay :)

Obsidan Update!

So as you can see I have now reached 65 Obsidian sold. This is awesome!! But I do have one problem

Im Sold Out!!

So as it stands right now I not able to sell any more until we get some more in. We have customers calling in checking to see if we have any even.
And their calling on a regular basis. Employees told me they are getting calls asking about Obsidian and Onyx. I just wish we could get some in so I can get them into peoples hands and on their bookshelf. :)

Ok so that's all fine and dandy but I have some bigger news to even share!!!!

If anyone read my other post they would see that this all started out with my goal of getting Obsidian in the top 20 best sellers list of my store. Ya well guess what!! Not only did it make it up there last week it was Number 1!!!!!! Which means 50 shades your moving down!! This is all super exciting!! The terrible part is that  we dont have any copies to put on the shelf :( I know, totally sucks lol. So as of right now we have 60 obsidian on order which im hoping will show up any minute so i can get them on that top shelf...  awww im sooo excited about this that it makes my day.

We also have 50 Onyx on its way which again i'm hoping will show up any time now so i can get my hands on a copy. Its great because we actually have a list of employees that have their name down to put onyx aside so they can get their own copy. As we like to say, there's a lot of people that's on the ban wagon :)  From this new thing that I've started the store might create a book club for us that starts from obsidian. Might include customers into this which is really exciting!! I dont know very much about this but basically us workers just enjoy talking about obsidian, and of course onyx. We have fun with it, and im happy to be sellin such a great and enjoyable book. There's not enough pen pokes out there in the world that would have me bad mouthing Obsidian :) Thanks Jennifer for writing such awesome and fun books!!

Heres some more Yum Yum for you guys =)

CER 100 Obsidian

Hi Guys!! Dont be scared and take the time to read this. Its really Exciting!!!

 I just wanted to let every one know what i'm up too these days. I think you would all like and support it.  Especially Jennifer Armentrout since she actually does benefit lol.

Some Background: My name is Shalyn, or Shay, however anyone wants to call me. I love reading and I love Animals. My two biggest passions. 2 years ago I was going to college to become an animal health tech, when 2 days after my b-day (Jan) I was in a terrible car crash on the highway. I was in the hospital for 4 months and I had to learn to walk again among other things. I'm doing fine now, even better then fine I would say. I'm not letting my disabilities stop me from doing anything I want to do. Like run, I will run again one day. Anyways more to the point, I've always loved reading and when I was in the hospital that's all I did. It was my comfort. That and lots of t.v (thanks nurse Holly!!)

 For the longest time I wasn't able to work which was fine, that meant more time healing and reading. But when it came time that I needed to go find a job I knew exactly where I wanted to go. Indigo. Just in case you don't know its a book store. :) Ive been there almost two months now and I love it!!! But there was one issue when I started. They did not have my FAVORITE book of all time. Obsidian. By Jennifer L. Armentrout. So I got on that right away and this is what happened!

 I live in Calgary AB and not one store in this entire city carried Obsidian. When I first read it I had to buy it on kindle and read it on my phone. Which wasn't fun because I couldnt put the god darn thing down. I literally ate dinner at the kitchen table with my phone plugged into the wall because I couldn't stop reading the thing. Thats when I knew what an amazing book I had on my hands. When I started at indigo they asked if there were any books they would like us to get in that they didn't have on the shelf and of course I told them Obsidian. I told them how much I loved the book and I started telling other staff members about this awesomesauce book :). They ordered 5 in just to be safe to know they would sell. They came in at the beginning of my shift which you'd laugh if you saw how excited I was. I asked the manager on duty in just a joking way what he would give me if I sold all 5 that night. He laughed and said he'd give me a free book. Which I was like "sweet, done!". I went out on shift and sold all 5 that night. Pretty easy when its such a good book.

My first goal was to get this book on top of the "this stores top 20" list. Or at least below 50 Shades of Grey. We all know that one isn't moving from its spot. This is where everything started.

 The peps at work were getting a little more interested in Obsidian. The managers noticed how excited I was about it and how many other staff members I got hooked on the book and my goal of top 20. So they came to me and asked me this, "Would you like to be a CER 100?". I said yes of course, and so this is what it means.

 I choose a book, and then if I sell 100 copies of that book in 3 months I become a CER 100. Just means I get recognized within the company and a gift card. Im cool with that. So I choose Obsidian, Duh!

 So I have 3 months to sell 100 copies of Obsidian. You gotta remember my store is the only store in all of Calgary that has it on its shelf. Which is just so hard to believe cause its soooo good. But also not a whole lot of people know about this book because it isn't seen every where. There are other people who are trying to become CER 100 by trying to sell 50 shades of grey or the hunger games. I'm sorry but those sell them selves. There's no work there. I have created posters and little quotes and put them through out the store to get people aware. And I talk and recommend it to anyone I believe will like it.

 Now my goal is to sell 100 copies of Obsidian in 1 month. They give us 3 but I think I'm much more awesome then that so I'm choosing a month. So far this is where I stand.

Since Aug 1st Ive sold 53 copies of Obsidian. YAAYY!!! Only 47 more to go.

I will post on here and keep every one updated on my progress. Im pretty sure I will do it. Ive meet some really nice customers who are now coming back into the store just to get recommendations from me. It makes me happy. Once I finish the CER 100 I'm gonna check the stores stats and hopefully Obsidian will be on "this stores top 20" list which is what will make my day.

Happy Reading Everyone!! :)

 =) And a lovely treat for everyone  Mhmmm

Time Untime Review

Time Untime (Dark-Hunter, #17)Time Untime by Sherrilyn Kenyon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Now this is why i love Sherrilyn Kenyon. Im glad this book brings back all the reasons why i love her. In time untime we are back in las vages and dealing with the end of the world. we met Katori whos a geologist who apparently has the job of resetting time even tho she doesnt know it. WE then meet Ren who reminds me a little of Zarek just not so bitter. Hes the only one who can help Kateri. I really enjoyed this book. I fell in love with Kats and Rens love story. It just felt right to me. They were such sweet characters and i loved all their actions. Kat is a cousin of sunshine so we know how crazy and sarcastic this can make Kat. Ren was just brought up in a life of shame and misery that you cant help but love him and finally see him happy. Best part of the book was seeing our lovely Nick do the right thing. How i missed his humor. I laughed out loud a couple times at what he said. Its good to have the group back together again, even if Nick still hates Ash and everyone. I must admit that the last couple of dark hunter books havent held my attention like they used to but its good to have my faith restored. I Very much enjoyed this book and cant wait for another to come out!

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Daemon Invasion!!!

Alright so I went on 14 different electronics today to vote for Daemon in the Crush Turny.... I hope everyone got their vote on... I wanna see Daemon win the big prize. Hes amazing enough.

Qualities of Daemon:
1) Loves his family faithfully
2) Sexy as hell
3) Funny
4) Entertaining.
5) Strong and Secure

Over all Hes just one amazing guy and one hell of a Book Character......

Lets just all agree hes Awesomesauce!!!!!!!

Vote for Daemon @

Team Daemon #YACrushTurney

Starling Review

Starling (Starling, #1) 

So to start of this review id at least like to say i did like it. Didnt love it it but i did like it.

"So i can keep stabbing you, then?" She smiled brightly up at him. "Id actually prefer you didnt" he said "not for my sake, so much as my wardrobes, you understand."

Mason is a champion fencer at Gosforth Academy when her life gets altered when a giant storm locks her and a couple companions in the school gym for the night. Here she meets Fenn who saves them and then vanishes the next morning. Believing she will never see him again or speak of the freaks she saw that night she trys to focus on her fencing, but when Fenn returns with his mystery amnesia she cant help but help the guy. And fall for him. Specially since he saved her life. Her family prophesy of which she knows nothing about becomes the goal of her brother and father who will stop at nothing to see it come true. Mason becomes the tool to end the world but she doesnt even know it, even on the last page she still has no clue whats going on.

The story starts off with the most intense scene from the whole book which is the storm. I found it different to start a book the way it did and i wasnt sure how i felt about it. It took me a while to get into the characters. I didnt like them right at the start. I think because of the beginning it took me awhile to warm up to them.

I really did enjoy Fenn immensely. The hero in the story that really had no clue of who he was let alone where hes suppose to be or what to do. It was interesting to follow his story and find out all about him as he found out himself. I liked the mystery of it and thats what kept me reading.

I found Mason as a let down. Dont get me wrong i did like her in the sense that she can hold her own and she didnt freak out but there was just something off about her. Im sure its a positive for her character that she wasnt as snobby as youd expect her to be. She was raised with lots of money and not once did she depend on it or was a bitch about it, but she also didnt care about it. I just thought there would be a little more deep there. Also her claustrophobia. I know its terrible and there was some big emphasis on it in the story except for in the part that it mattered. I just felt it fell a little flat at the ending but thats just my opinion.

Calum i could freaking punch in the face. What an annoying little bugger! Seriously he came off as a girl with the way he over reacted with everything. Like jeeze buddy get over yourself. Mason may not cared about the money but damn did Cal care about his looks. Even though he didnt come out straight and say it, it was in his reactions. Urrrggg most annoying character i think i've read this year so far.

The mythology aspect to this story was over all good but there seem to be too much of it. I just thought that most of the story was about explaining everything which took away the action of the story.

Over all a good read but im dying to read the second part of the story. Maybe i will for Fenn since hes my hero in this book. :)


First i must start by saying that i couldn't put this book down. Was almost late for work because i had to constantly read it.

The book starts off where Cinder ended but with a different main character. We meet Scarlet who lives with her Grandmother on the family farm. When her grandmother goes missing she meets a fighter named Wolf who may have some knowledge of how to find/save her grandma so they set off together to find her. Cinder is on the run from the police and the queen. Shes in search of Scarlet's grandmother who may have information about herself. With the aid of the captian (lol once you read the book youll get it) and Iko they fly their ship all over in search of scarlet and her Grandma so they can save their precious world from the evil queen. HEHE

I really enjoyed everything in this book. Even thought its not completely centered around Cinder i really enjoyed Scarlet and Wolf. You still get to read lots from Cinder and also some Kai in there too. It was a steady paced story with lots of action and not so much focused around the romance building. I loved the captian, he made me laugh and i cant wait to read more on him. It was a joy to read the two different views and still have their worlds comes together nicely. Very well done.

The only down side to this book is that now i have to wait even longer to find out what happens. I want to know NOW!! I want to know how Kai is going to react and how the world will react once every one finds out who Princess Selene is. If you enjoyed Cinder i think youll enjoy the second installment. Cant wait for the third!!

Shays Rate

4 / 5

Team Daemon

Go Daemon Go!!

Help Me

Alright so ive been cruising through books since 2012 and im starting to run out of good books. Like im seriously losing interest but i really really want to read. So I need help! Can people please recommend some books. I <3 Romance. Its my downfall. I read YA and PNR mostly but im opened to others. I cant seem to decide on what I want to read next... urrgg and its sooo frustrating!!

I feel like im in the mood for a western novel but i cant find any books that are sparking my interests.

Please can some one Help :) :)

Trish and Tara

I just finished reading Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and since i havent started another book since i think im going to dive into my characters in my head.

Lets start with Trish and Tara

 First things first. Their Twins. Duh lol. They are Shays best friend/ Co Workers/ Boss. I cant say their identical twins because their dna says otherwise but they look very similar. Its their Personality that sets them apart.

First we have Trish. I would say shes the more serious and responsible sister but she is very laid back. Shes about 5"6 with long Blond straight hair that she wished she could curl like no tomorrow. Which she tried but her straight hair has troubling keeping it so by the end of a long day it goes limp. (trust me this ticks her off till the cows come home). She has bright green eyes that would cause anyone envy. Trish graduated highschool in Littleton just like her sister and moved into the city. (3 hrs away). There she took a business course where she planned to start her own business. Call her a little different but she wanted to start her own antique shop. When tragedy hit home she moved back to Littleton to take over the family inn. Who else would?

Tara is the more out there sister. Shes nod afraid to have fun and she would try anything once. After boucing around courses and jobs during high school she found she had a passion for dance. With her blond hair that she flows down her back, she has no issues with it being iron straight. After school she left Littleton just like her sister to find a career in dancing. She landed a couple of small teaching gigs but found that teaching dance was not her thing. She was offered a gig working in a club that supplied song, dance and comedy as entertainment. Here she was allowed to dance to her hearts content. Yes it did have a sexual undertone to everything but there was all kinds of dance gigs. From ballet to crumping, everything could be on display there. She loved the people she worked with, learned alot from every body and was very content in her life. After a couple years on her own she had to pack up and move back to Littleton to help with their familys inn.

7 Years after graduating high school both sisters were back in Littleton. Their mother died and left the inn to the  sisters. Both loved and cherished their mother, there was no bad relationships between them and decided that their mothers dreams were important to them. Their mother said in her will that they could sell the inn if they both decided to choose but it had to be joint decision. Along with Nanas. Yes their lovely Nana, now up there in age, owned a piece of the business. Without her approval/signature they could get rid of the inn. With Nana in her old age she couldnt look after it so the twins took over. They tried to get Nana to sign but in her stubborn ways, their nana believed so much good could come out of the inn. She declared that she would only sign when she say that it was fit or when she died. They both decided that together they could grieve together for their lost and maintaining the inn would be the first and best step to take.

Trish looked forward to the inn. With her business that was not getting up off the ground she saw this as an opportunity to begin again. It may not have been her idea and her hope but her mother loved the inn and she would see it succeed. After 7 years away Tara was ready to come back to Littleton. Even though she loved her job, things may have gotten a little dicey. She fell in love with a married man and an abusive one whenever she decided to leave him. Her mothers death was a wake up call so she packed her bags and headed back to her hometown.

Both sister are on friendly turns but i wouldnt go so far and say they talk deeply to each other. Neither one knows about the troubles behind them but they do have a friendly relationship. And when Shay shows up next door, the three become closer then the 2 could ever imagine.

Welcome to Littleton

New to Blogging so here I go....

I have all these characters in my head that I want to be able to put down on paper but it feels like its not enough. These characters are dear to me and I feel like other people should get to know them too. Here's what I propose:
Here will be my characters world. All they do, think, and say will get posted here so everyone can share in with them.

Comment and post what ever you like but please keep in mind to be polite. I sometimes gets over excited about them and I just go off and sometimes not make sense, that is an issue but please bear with me.

Where to start where to start?   The Main Character?... Sure..

Id like you to meet Shay

Shay has been playing around inside my head for a couple years now. She has a strong personality that sticks with you. I like to think of her as a cooler me since she has the courage to speak what she wants, do what she wants and just plainly be the person she wants to be. Shay isnt crazy by any means but she does have a wild factor to her, when shes had a few drinks. Shes also very responsible when shes needed to be due to the fact she has a horse and 2 dogs. (quick note: I personally dont own a horse and has never owned one but shay does so bare with me if some things are wrong, I just go by what she does) She rides Drogo all over her land with her two dogs (a Rotti named Thor and a chihuahua named Zarek (nickname "Z"))  in tow.

I would describe Shay as being around 5"8 with chin length dark brown hair and brown eyes. Shes nothing out of the norm. I would say she has a normal body type because she does keep herself fit. She does have a horse and dogs to take care off which keeps her active. She has no boyfriend but she does have a couple close friends, whom she also works for. Youll meet them later.

The biggest thing with Shay that you have to remember is her days are not completely easy for her. A couple years ago she was in a car accident that left her bed ridden for 4 months. She had to learn to walk again and figure out how to do simple tasks again. She broke bones in her left and right foot, (left got it the worst) bone in both legs, pelvis was broke in half and her left arm was "demolished". That was the medical term the doctors used. lol. So this happened 2 days after her 21st birthday in Jan so the weather outside was not the best. She also recieved frost bite oh her left hand and left hip. Every step she takes has a painful outcome due to the broken and healed bone. She cant do a fast past run yet and on her bad days stairs are hard to go down. She also have scars all over from all the surgeries especially on her left arm. It also doesnt have its full range of motion but she has to work with what shes got.

 Now this does sound terrible and horrific, and no offence but it was, but the feeling I get from Shay is shes not a quitter. Even though she has these problems she has to deal with she has determine to enjoy her life. She has no excuses for what she does or doesnt do. She sued the couple who hit her (wasn't her fault) which left her with hundreds of thousands of dollars which she decided she would invest which was smart on her behalf. But she also bought lottery tickets. and a year later after the accident she won 51.1 million dollars.

Now I know your thinking that "of course she did!" but you have to realize that she didnt grow up with money. She was as shocked as the day she was in the car accident but she was determine to live her life to the best that she could make it. You have to know that she would give all the money back to not have to deal with the pain she lives with every day and to have her dog Anakin back. Shay was always an animal lover ever since she was a child. After moving away from her home she bought this little 1 pound runt of chihuahua mix and loved him for the year and a half she had him. He did everything with her, from going to the store to shop for tvs to going to work and having play dates with the other chihuahuas. They were right for each other and on that day of the accident she couldnt even think that he would be gone. It was only 2 weeks later that she found out he had actually saved her but he did not make it. Theres a lot of pain in that part of her past but she has moved on and gotten a new chihuahua. Zarek or Z as she likes to call him. Dont get me wrong she still holds a dear spot for her Anakin but Z has changed her life around. Hes a little 4 1/2 lbs chihuahua with a spoiled little heart and a curiosity that gets him into trouble. He is only a little over a year old and acts like it but the very friendliest chihuahua you'd ever meet.

Theres also Thor the rescue Rottweiller she saved just a couple of months ago from the pound. He of course is a gentle giant. Z is more threatening then he is. Now Drogo is also sort of a rescue. He came with the farm that she bought and was told that he couldnt be trained. The previous owners had a new born baby and the husband got a new job in the city so they had to leave. Dont think wrong of the family because they loved that horse and that farmed. They made it work there until Shay came along and could take over cause they were not leaving the place and letting it go unattended. Shay bought the land which was basically a beautiful 2 story home buildt on a side of a mountain. Shay has acres upon acres which she spends exploring with Drogo. When they first meet there was a connection and Drogo has trusted her ever since. This part of the story needs its own explaining so ill leave it for now

Shay doesnt just spend all her time with her animals now. As I mentioned she does have friends whom 2 she works for.

Id like you to meet Tara and Trish .... Coming soon :)